Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund works to pass legislation that supports school safety and gun violence prevention measures. Take action now to make sure state and federal laws prevent gun violence and keep our students safe.


1. Background checks now

Background checks are a proven and critical tool to help keep guns out of the hands of those who may harm themselves or others. More than one out of five gun sales happen without a background check1, allowing potentially dangerous individuals access to firearms. Sign our petition and call your senator to demand expanded background checks now.



2. Extreme risk protection orders

Extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs) empower law enforcement and family members of at-risk individuals to prevent gun violence and gun-related suicides by filing a petition with the court. We know that 80% of school shooters2 and 70% of people who die by suicide3 talk about their plans before acting. Statewide ERPOS and federal legislation that supports states who pass ERPOs can help us stop gun violence before it happens. Add your name to ask Congress to support extreme risk protection orders.



3. Know the Signs: Support the STANDUP Act

Gun violence is preventable when you know the signs. Sandy Hook Promise’s suite of Know the Signs programs includes training students and teachers how to recognize signs of violence, signs of suicide, and signs of social isolation, while advancing anonymous reporting systems and school-based threat assessment teams. Help support our latest federal initiative, the STANDUP Act, to create federal guidelines around suicide prevention in schools across the country. Contact your representative and senator and ask them to cosponsor the STANDUP Act.

Sandy Hook Promise activists take to the streets of Washington, D.C. to urge our nation’s leaders to pass common sense legislation. Credit: Sandy Hook Promise


4. The STOP School Violence Act

In 2018, Sandy Hook Promise helped write and pass the STOP School Violence Act to provide critical resources for schools to implement violence prevention education. With this legislation, states can apply for funding to bring lifesaving programs to their school districts. If funding for the STOP School Violence Act is protected, more states can access resources for violence prevention education. Learn more about the STOP School Violence Act and how to apply for funding.

A group of students honor “Say Something” at a school event. The hold a sign that says, “We say something because we want to stand up for what is right.” Credit: Courtesy of Gulf High School, Florida


1. Miller M, Hepburn L, Azrael D. Firearm acquisition without background checks: results of a national survey. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2017;166(4):233-239

2. Vossekuil, et al, 2002

3. Robins, E., Gassner, S., Kayes, J., Wilkinson, R.H. & Murphy, G.E. (1959). The communication of suicidal intent: A study of 134 consecutive cases of successful (completed) suicide. Am J Psychiatry, 115 (8), 724-733.




Advocate for state and federal policy changes in the areas of mental wellness and gun safety.



Help us raise awareness, educate and engage individuals and communities on causes of and solutions to preventing gun violence.