Big News Out of New Mexico

This is big! Legislation on background checks is moving in New Mexico. On February 4, HB 50 and SB 48 passed a first committee vote in both chambers of the New Mexico legislature, and they are gaining momentum. Now is the time to get organized and add your voice.


Sandy Hook Promise is proud to support HB 50 and SB 48 to require background checks on all gun sales. These bills would close the loopholes in New Mexico law that allow criminals to easily bypass the system by purchasing firearms without a background check from unlicensed sellers, at gun shows or online from strangers. We know that universal background checks work and that, if passed, this legislation will help save lives. There will be a lot of work to do over the coming months to get these bills across the finish line.


That’s why we are starting now by adding all of our voices in support of this critical legislation. Can you please make a quick call to your state representative and senator now and ask them to support HB 50 and SB 48? You can click here to find your local representatives.

Here are some talking points for your calls:

  • First, say your name and that you're a constituent.
  • Then, explain that you support HB 50 and SB 48 to pass universal background checks in New Mexico.
  • HB 50 and SB 48 are commonsense bills that will protect the Second Amendment rights of New Mexico residents while ensuring that people who simply should not have firearms, including felons and domestic abusers, cannot easily access them.
  • That's it!


We know that policy and political progress can often feel slow and difficult. Remaining strong and active in our states and local communities is so important. We really believe that together we can pass this important legislation for New Mexico and help prevent gun violence before it happens.