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2023 SAVE Promise Club Award Winners

Cypress Elementary School SAVE Promise Club

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Sandy Hook Promise is excited to announce this year’s SAVE Promise Club award winners! We honor and celebrate the creativity, dedication and hard work these youth did to create safe, inclusive schools and communities.

SAVE Promise Clubs are excited to recognize 36 Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Clubs for outstanding work in creating safer and kinder schools and communities. Each awardee receives recognition and $250 for their club activities. 

Award Categories

Clubs receiving awards included elementary, middle, and high school clubs as well as community-based clubs. Awards presented include: Alex Orange Legacy Award, Social Media Award, Youth Empowerment Award, Youth Engagement Award, Youth Encouragement Award, Youth Education Award, Community Engagement Award, Service Project Award, Upstander Award, Inclusion Award, Promise Challenge Award, and the Advocacy Award.

Elementary Schools

Alex Orange Legacy Award: North Andrews Gardens Elementary School, Oakland Park, Florida

North Andrews Gardens Elementary School

The North Andrews Gardens Panthers SAVE Promise Club does a phenomenal job celebrating all the 4 E’s by Engaging, Encouraging, Educating and Empowering students throughout the year with participation in over 24 plus focused activities in violence prevention, relationship building and community outreach.

Social Media Award: Fifth Ward Junior High School, Bush, Louisiana

Fifth Ward Junior High School

The SAVE Promise Club at Fifth Ward Junior High School created an amazing video highlighting their Start With Hello Week that they shared online! They also organized a fundraiser for their Student Resource Officer and coordinated a Christmas card drive for children in the foster care system.

Youth Empowerment Award: Pembroke Pines Elementary School, Pembroke Pines, Florida

This year Pembroke Pines SAVE Promise Club delivered lessons and announcements that aligned with promoting compassion, inclusion, and kindness daily throughout their school, also serving as role models to students on their grade level and trained younger students who will take their place.

Youth Engagement Award: Cypress Elementary School, Pompano Beach, Florida

Cypress Elementary School

Student leaders at Cypress Elementary School served as “book buddies” throughout the year where they formed relationships with students they may not have regularly engaged with. Club members served as morning greeters, shared information about the Know the Signs programs, and encouraged their peers to take the Say Something pledge. Their SAVE Promise Club is dedicated to kindness and inclusivity.

Youth Encouragement Award: Riverglades Elementary School, Parkland, Florida

Riverglades Elementary School

The students in the SAVE Promise Club at Riverglades Elementary School made encouraging their peers a priority this school year. They created posters, waved hello, made sidewalk chalk messages, and were a regular presence on the morning announcements. These youth leaders were also active in communicating ideas on how to make their school a safer place.

Youth Education Award: Kings River Elementary, Kingsburg, California

Kings River Elementary School

This year, SAVE Promise Club members at Kings River Elementary went above and beyond for Say Something – celebrating and educating for the entire month of March. They created a Trusted Adult bulletin board, put up a school-wide green ribbon around their school’s fence, created posters with positive messages, and more!

Community Engagement Award: Pembroke Lakes Elementary School, Pembroke Pines, Florida

Pembroke Lakes Elementary School

An awesome way to support your community, Pembroke Lakes Elementary SAVE Promise Club with the collection of items and encouraging others to donate in support of the families impacted by the recent hurricane in Fort Meyers. Also, creating holiday cards for those in the United States Military with the full participation from the entire school.

Service Project Award: Seventy-Fourth St. Elementary, St. Petersburg, Florida

Club members worked throughout the year giving up recess time and working through every lunch period to complete several service projects which included a 63-page book on kindness, wrote letters to the elderly, compiled a canned food drive, and painted rocks with encouraging words to spread kindness to build a more inclusive school climate.

Upstander Award: Atlantic West Elementary School, Margate, Florida 

Atlantic West Elementary School

Atlantic West Elementary SAVE Promise Club empowered their fellow peers to be upstanders through education and engagement on the three steps of Say Something and ways to express kindness.

Inclusion Award: Westchester Elementary School, Coral Springs, Florida

Westchester Elementary School

Westchester Elementary School’s SAVE Promise Club participated in a Kindness Day event in a nearby city, bringing their messages and passion with them to another community! These student leaders also made morning announcements where they highlighted the importance of identifying Trusted Adults on campus and reinforcing the messages of Say Something.

Promise Challenge Award: Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts, New Brunswick, New Jersey

 Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts

Club members visited elementary classrooms to educate younger students on Start With Hello and Say Something. During Call-to-Action weeks and at other times throughout the year, they have hosted fundraisers, raffles, photo booths, and special themed days to increase connection and relationships with Trusted Adults throughout their school. Student leaders wear their SAVE Promise Club wristbands and apparel on regular school days to increase awareness and share their pride!

Advocacy Award: Rock Island Elementary School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The SAVE Promise Club at Rock Island made an impact advocating to raise awareness on the issue of youth violence prevention. The goal was set to create positive impact building an inclusive school community and implementing initiatives that prevent conflicts from escalating to reduce the incidence of violence.

Middle Schools

Alex Orange Legacy Award: Jared’s Heart of Success, Inc., Stonecrest, Georgia

Jared’s Heart of Success, Inc.

An active community-based organization, Jared’s Heart of Success participated in Start With Hello, Say Something, and all other SAVE Promise Club national events! This club showed the true meaning of inclusion by having older members facilitate activities with younger ones. They hosted a Prevention of Violence Through Creative Art event where youth were able to participate in the showcase and submit their written essays and showcase their expressions through dance, song, art, spoken word or musical instrument selection.

Social Media Award: Glades Middle School, Miramar, Florida

Glades Middle School

From feeding over 200 families during the Harvest Drive to sending cards to military families, this SAVE Promise Club led by example and engaged with their community! As well as engaging outside, they also engaged inside their school community by training peer counselors and hosting impactful call-to-action weeks and alerting school officials when they saw an inappropriate social media page.

Youth Empowerment Award: Hillcrest Middle School, Trumbull, Connecticut

The youth of the Hillcrest Middle School SAVE Promise Club led Start With Hello and Say Something Week in their community. They also ventured from their community to engage in a Youth Leadership Training with other schools across the state as well as attending the National SAVE Promise Club Youth Summit. On top of a busy year of outreach, they participated in Pens of Power Day to “get out the vote” for candidates working to keep communities safe from gun violence.

Youth Encouragement Award: East Hampton Middle School, East Hampton, Connecticut

East Hampton Middle School

Through their planned activities, East Hampton’s Panther Ambassadors amplified student voices by fostering a sense of belonging and provided platforms for students to express their ideas and opinions. The dedication and continuous commitment of the club members, supported by encouraging administrators, exemplifies their outstanding contribution in empowering and encouraging youth engagement within the school community.

Youth Engagement Award: Hialeah Gardens Middle School, Hialeah Gardens, Florida

During Start With Hello Week, the club members were very engaged! Youth created their own videos showing how they would contribute to ending social isolation, which were posted to social media. They also utilized peer counselors who trained their classmates on inclusivity and the steps of Start With Hello!

Youth Education Award: Paisley IB Magnet School, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Paisley IB Magnet School

By incorporating various activities aligned with the IB learner traits, their SAVE Promise Club effectively engaged students and spread awareness about the importance of connection and empathy. Their proactive approach, such as distributing lifesavers with reporting instructions and utilizing the Say Something app, demonstrates their dedication to educating students about the steps to prevent violence.

Community Engagement Award: Palos South Middle School, Palos Park, Illinois

During their impactful Start With Hello Week, Palos South Middle School held the first ever “Cookies with Cardinals” event which was attended by hundreds of students. The event encouraged youth to mingle and meet someone new! During their impactful Say Something Week, the club held a parade that included students from across the school as well as first responders!

Service Project Award: North Broward Preparatory School, Coconut Creek, Florida

North Broward Preparatory School

When Hurricane Ian bore down on the Florida coast, North Broward Prep open their doors and welcomed 80 students from their sister school who were displaced by the storm. Some of the events that they held were rock painting and karaoke to help their new friends feel welcome!

Upstander Award: Oak Middle School, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Oak Middle School

Preventing youth violence and reducing social isolation has been a definite point of emphasis when trying to bring awareness to the power of their SAVE Promise Club. Their school wide Upstander Award event, with over 200 students nominated and recognized as Upstanders, showcases their dedication to acknowledging and celebrating acts of kindness and empathy within the student body.

Inclusion Award: Broadview Middle School, Danbury, Connecticut

Through their Kindness and Inclusion week, they actively addressed and discouraged the use of derogatory language, promoting respect for all individuals regardless of race, abilities, or sexual orientation. Their student-led initiatives promoting body acceptance and conducting training sessions on inclusion and kindness exemplify their dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive community where every student can thrive.

Promise Challenge Award: Turlock Junior High, Turlock, California 

This club’s monthly themed activities, planned and facilitated by the students themselves, showcase their creativity and dedication to engaging and energizing the entire student body. With the establishment of “Peace Keepers”, who serve as conflict managers, the club embodies the core values of the Promise Challenge in promoting peaceful resolutions and resolving conflicts among students.

Advocacy Award: Madison Middle School, Trumbull, Connecticut

Madison Middle School

Through their Start With Hello week and special activities throughout the year, they actively promoted kindness, empathy, and positive relationships among students and staff. Additionally, their engagement with other SAVE Promise Clubs across the country and partnerships with local community organizations demonstrated their dedication to broadening their impact, actively addressing issues such as gun violence, and creating a culture of safety and support.

High Schools

Alex Orange Legacy Award: West Mifflin Area High School, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania

West Mifflin Area High School

West Mifflin Area High School SAVE Promise Club worked very hard to live out the 4 E’s of SAVE. By encouraging youth to make their school more inclusive. Empowering younger students to be upstanders. Educating peers about the effects of bullying. Engaging their campus in meaningful youth safety initiatives.

Social Media Award: High Point Regional High School, Sussex, New Jersey

High Point Regional High

The SAVE Promise Club at High Point Regional High School does great things all year long to promote a safer more inclusive school. They use their social media to share their activities and to encourage others to get involved.

Youth Empowerment Award: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida

The SAVE Promise Club at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School did amazing things to Empower their classmates. Particularly through their peer-to-peer presentations on dealing with stress and anxiety. The youth leaders being the ones to share the messages really made a great impression on their classmates.

Youth Engagement Award: Butler High School, Matthews, North Carolina

Butler High School

Butler High School SAVE Promise Club’s Say Something Week was highlighted by their “Turn Against Violence” Basketball Tournament. This event included students, staff, law enforcement, and community members coming together to take a stand against violence and to have a lot of fun too.

Youth Encouragement Award: Saint Stephens High School, Hickory, North Carolina

Saint Stephens High SAVE Promise Club Encouraged their peers to be welcoming and act as upstanders throughout the year with interesting and engaging activities. Their Theater productions regularly deliver powerful messages that reinforce important messages about mental health and violence prevention.

Youth Education Award: Mount Carmel High School, San Diego, California

Mt Carmel High School

Mount Carmel SAVE Promise Club did an amazing job of educating their peers about the 3 steps of Start With Hello and Say Something. Showing that when we do this, we create a safer, more welcoming school and community for everyone.

Community Engagement Award: Aurora High School, Aurora, Ohio

Aurora High School

Aurora High School SAVE Promise Club does an awesome job of engaging with their local community through service projects and outreach. Working to make their school and community safer and more welcoming spaces.

Service Project Award: West Forsyth High School, Clemmons, North Carolina

West Forsyth High School

West Forsyth High SAVE Promise Club had an action packed year of projects and activities from Start With Hello Week through Say Something Week. So much creativity and youth engagement all along the way.

Upstander Award: Wilson High School, Long Beach, California

Wilson High School

Wilson High School SAVE Promise Club empowered their peers and teachers to be Upstanders by reminding them of the importance of looking out for each other and how together they can make their school and community a safer place for everyone.

Inclusion Award: Passaic Valley Regional High School, Little Falls, New Jersey

The SAVE Promise Club at Passaic Valley Regional High did a fantastic job of Start With Hello. Their club members met with every incoming ninth grader to welcome them and share valuable information and the club and Sandy Hook Promise.

Promise Challenge Award: Jonathan Law High School, Milford, Connecticut

The SAVE Promise Club at Jonathan Law High School used their energy and creativity to engage, educate, encourage and empower youth to create a safer school through Start With Hello, Say Something, and Mental Health Awareness.

Advocacy Award: Robert L. Patton High School, Morganton, North Carolina

Robert L. Patton High School

Robert Patton High SAVE Promise Club did remarkable things engaging with their school and district administration to have conversations about youth safety and to advocate for meaningful changes to help create a safer and more welcoming campus.

About SAVE Promise Clubs

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Club is the student leadership initiative of Sandy Hook Promise. Alongside our Youth Advisory Board, SAVE Promise Clubs provide the forum for youth leaders to take an active role in promoting safer more inclusive schools and communities.

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