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Let’s Talk About the New Meaning of the Teenage Dream

Carlitos barricaded himself behind a door in order to survive the mass shooting in Parkland. 17 students were killed.

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The Teenage Dream PSA illustrates the ripple effects and long-term impacts of gun violence in order to motivate more people to learn the warning signs. The trauma of a school shooting never really goes away. We must focus on prevention. Community conversations provide an opportunity to bring people together to have the conversation and to develop an action plan. 

The Teenage Dream isn’t What it Used to be

*** This video contains sensitive content related to gun violence that may be triggering for some viewers. ***

Gun Violence is not Inevitable – It is Preventable 

The first step in creating safer communities is to have conversations about the issue of gun violence. Students and community members ages 15+ are invited and encouraged to join in. Gun violence is not inevitable. It is preventable when we engage in the conversation and taking action. 

Getting the Conversation Started 

The Teenage Dream PSA provides a platform to jump-start critical conversations about gun violence prevention and school safety. For deeper discussions, accompanying interview videos provide insights into life after surviving a school shooting.

Hosting a PSA screening and community conversation is an impactful way to raise awareness. You’ll also empower students with tools to help keep themselves and their classmates safe. Find all the resources to host a conversation in the Community Screening Kit. 

Engaging High School Students  

The Teenage Dream PSA offers a powerful tool to launch critical conversations with adolescent audiences. It’s a great conversation starter for important social justice issues, like gun violence. Further, guided discussion questions for students create a bridge to help strengthen relationships between Trusted Adults and students. Together, you’ll create a community of care using your conversation guide. 

Quick Community Conversations

Even when you are short on time, there are still ways to take part. You can engage in a brief community conversation about the issues addressed in the Teenage Dream PSA. 

Don’t miss out on important conversations about school shootings, gun violence prevention, trauma and more when you’re pressed for time. Check out the Quick Community Screening Tips. Then you’ll see how little time it takes to have a positive impact in your community. 

More Talk + More Action = Safer Schools 

The reality of survivors’ lived experiences and authentic voices reinforce the critical importance of prevention. Above all, it’s our collective responsibility to look out for each other. Now more important than ever, let’s have conversations and come together through action. Get the latest updates on the PSA campaign and other Sandy Hook Promise news by texting* TeenageDream to 79775.

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