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Empowered Upstanders Prevent Another High School Attack

Sandy Hook Promise's National Crisis Center receives tips of threats of school violence.

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Sandy Hook Promise’s accredited National Crisis Center is at the epicenter of the school safety movement. More than 185,000 tips have been submitted anonymously by concerned Upstanders who recognized the warning signs of potential violence — and took action to get help from a Trusted Adult.

Sandy Hook Promise recently confirmed its 15th intervention to prevent a credible school attack (April 2023). Multiple tips received by the National Crisis Center from a student threatened mass violence. The tips included warnings of a school shooting and bomb attack. The Center quickly deemed these as “life safety,” meaning at least one life is in imminent danger. Crisis Center counselors immediately alerted the school team and local authorities.

Uncovering – and Averting – a Crisis

The investigation into the threat revealed that the student had access to firearms and intended to do harm to their high school.*

Sandy Hook Promise’s co-founder and CEO Nicole Hockley says that removing barriers is how students can get immediate help. It’s this connection, with quick, safe, and anonymous access to Trusted Adults, that is saving lives. Sandy Hook Promise’s National Crisis Center and the SS-ARS program helps schools 24/7/365.

“By teaching students the warning signs, empowering them to speak up, and giving them an easy way to get help from a Trusted Adult or anonymously report threats, we are effectively making schools and communities safer for young people.”

Violence is Not Inevitable – It’s Preventable 

The Say Something program empowers students to act on what they see and hear, to help others, and stop potential tragedies. Research has proven that when youth and adults learn the warning signs and get help, violence can be effectively prevented.

“There were 46 school shootings in 2022, more than in any year since the Columbine tragedy,” Hockley says. “Lives are saved when students and community members know the warning signs, speak up, and get help. Let’s get prevention programs in every school so we can protect more lives.”

How to Take Action

When people are bystanders and choose to not speak up, a threat can end up as a tragedy. In partnership with Trusted Adults, the Say Something program and its companion anonymous reporting system empowers youth and community members to be Upstanders.

Find out how you can bring the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System to your school.

*Due to privacy restrictions, sensitivity, and ongoing investigations with the district, reporting on this event has been strictly anonymized.