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Aashi: Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment

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Aashi, a senior in California, founded the SAVE Promise Club at her school four years ago. Because the school has often served at Aashi’s second home, she wanted all of the students to have a safe and inclusive environment.

She continues to serve as president of the Club and has helped to organize countless activities that have brought her school community closer together. Since forming the Club, Aashi said there has been more respect between the classmates, a better understanding of mental health, and a kinder and more inclusive environment in her school.  

“Sandy Hook Promise is what really proved to me that student voices have the ability to make a huge difference.  Our school club has already brought our staff and students closer together, and I know it will continue to do so.”

Aashi, National Youth Advisory Board member

Through working with the National Youth Advisory Board, Aashi said she’s looking forward to spreading the message through programs like Start With Hello that everyone can help prevent violence, no matter where they live or how old they are, by just being kind to their classmates. She’s also looking to build more connections between different schools in the community.

“My number one goal is to demonstrate that no matter how young someone is, their voice can have an impact in their community, and to encourage all students around the nation to unite against violence.”

Aashi, National Youth Advisory Board member
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