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Aislinn: Making A Difference

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Aislinn is a junior in Connecticut. She loves to plan activities that can impact her community. Her favorite activity that her SAVE Promise Club launched is called the “Helper Hangout”. It gives students a chance to drop in and talk to a club member if they need help or just want someone to talk to. The message is that they’re not alone and there are people who are happy to support them.

“The SAVE Promise Club at my school has helped teach me that I do have a voice and that I have the ability to make a difference if I use it. I have also learned that instead of waiting for the future to make a change, I can make a difference in the world around me right now.”

Aislinn, National Youth Advisory Board member

Outside of her SAVE Promise Club, she is also in Ski Club and is the treasurer of Keyettes Club. Aislinn is a high honors student as well as a three-sport athlete. She participates in swimming and diving, basketball, and track & field. Outside of school, Aislinn is a lifeguard and volunteers in her community by teaching dance lessons and running the scoreboard for youth hockey games.

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