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Because of You, Lives are Being Saved

A group of young student upstanders from Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School's week of Sandy Hook Promise's Say Something Week!

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From Uvalde, Texas to Highland Park, Illinois, this summer we have continued as a nation to face the devastation and heartbreak that comes in the wake of gun violence. What we know, however, is that these shootings are not inevitable. They are preventable. Lives are being saved because of you.

Your Support Matters

Because of your support of our Know the Signs programs, including the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System, our focus is more clear. Your voices matter and speaking up saves lives. Our SAVE Promise Clubs are led by dedicated students and advised by outstanding educators. They help keep our mission laser-focused toward a true cultural shift in school shooting and violence prevention. Promise Leaders, the heart-minded core of Sandy Hook Promise. They volunteer with vigor to uncover how you can best lend time, attention, and service to ending gun violence and making schools safer.

Because of you, our fight is stronger, and we will continue to push to protect children together.

A Lifeline for Students

Abuse, suicidal ideation, depression, cyberbullying, cutting, and other forms of self-harm are still plaguing our nation’s youth. Our dedicated crisis counselors extend a lifeline for students. Many may have nowhere else to turn during times of feeling isolation and loneliness. Because of you, we’ve saved at least 378 lives and helped more than 2,900 students during mental health crises through our 24/7 National Crisis Center. This critical, invaluable work will continue. It’s your unbridled support that consistently motivates our journey.

Take a moment to read some of the progress you made possible. Seeing these tips coming in every day can be heart-wrenching. But we have hope, knowing our skilled counselors are supporting these kids and working directly with schools and law enforcement to save lives.

Preventing Violence and Promoting Inclusion

“A tipster reported that they and their siblings were being abused by their parents, who both regularly overused alcohol. The tipster provided information about situations in which the siblings had objects thrown at them and been struck in the face with a closed fist. They also detailed the events with screenshots that put one of the siblings in the hospital and caused another sibling to be suicidal. …The Crisis Center designated the tip as “Life-Safety,” and made contact with the school of one of the siblings. Police arrived at the siblings’ residence and intervened. The school followed up with additional support and services.”

“Our club (student) president has made such a difference in creating an atmosphere of inclusion. With the kickoff of Start with Hello and all the activities that she planned for the student body, she helped create this positive climate that has propelled all other clubs to join along. They are working together following her lead. Every event is organized and planned to include the SAVE Promise Club’s guidelines of inclusiveness, awareness, and leaving no one behind. Every event has had its WOW moment. As well as seeing the teachers, mental health coordinators, security monitor, office staff, etc. supporting and encouraging all activities to ensure everyone participates.”

Kindness and a Service Mindset Lead the Way

Thanks to the consistent work and action from students, educators, parents, and community leaders, we continue to see our Know the Signs programs making a difference in schools around the country. Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Clubs continue to be the heartbeat of so many school communities to model inclusion and kindness.

These active students demonstrate inclusiveness. They also recognize the warning signs of violence through our programming and speak up to get help. They are our leaders in this cultural shift. Students are spreading the word of kindness, inclusivity.

Student Service and leadership is Changing Lives

“This year, our student leaders have presented Start With Hello and Say Something to their entire grades. They filmed examples of how to talk with a trusted adult that were used in the presentations. They feel powerful being trained and knowing that they can prevent violence and make our school kinder and more inclusive. We are working on issues of social justice and service projects in our school and community.”

“There are so many wonderful success stories that the Club could discuss. We recently added an officer to our “Club board.” This is a student who wants, more than anything, to help others. Our officers have established a close-knit bond and welcomed the new student with open arms. They planned a Friendsgiving for social bonding, and it was amazing to learn how quickly they all made friends. It was heartwarming to see the Club stand by its values and make positive connections. The Club’s positive, socially-aware energy radiates to Club members and to the entire school population. We have 2,600 (high school) students, and when SAVE Promise Club sponsors an activity, we have incredible participation. Our students put their hearts and souls into their SAVE Promise Club.”

How You Can Get Involved

This is Sandy Hook Promise in action. If you’re ready to for real change, your time is now! Join more than 8 million caring champions for child safety and Make the Promise .