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Drew: Promote a Healthy Environment and Prevent Violence

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Drew, a senior in Florida, first became involved with his school’s SAVE Promise Club while helping a friend give a Trusted Adult presentation to staff and administrators.

The experience gave him the confidence he needed to further get involved and speak out on his passion about mental health. Before long, Drew joined his local SAVE Promise Club and even founded another club where students can meet weekly to talk about mental health concerns. 

“One of the most significant things students can do to prevent violence is to help promote a healthy and accepting mental health environment where their peers feel safe and comfortable discussing their emotions and the reasoning behind their emotions.”

Drew, National Youth Advisory Board member

As a member of the Youth Advisory Board, Drew hopes to expand the programs including Say Something to schools throughout the country so more tragedies can be prevented. He would also like to encourage more schools to start their own SAVE Promise Clubs.

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