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Jyothi: Giving Students Hope

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Jyothi, a senior in Texas, noticed that with the increase of school violence throughout the country, the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness among students has also increased. While people have become desensitized to the violence, she found Sandy Hook Promise and SAVE Promise Clubs have been able to shine a bright light on the issue. 

“We have to spread the message that students do have the power to create change on the matter. In shifting the conversation from thoughts and prayers to activism, the SAVE Promise Club has offered a sense of hope for students.”

Jyothi Rajagopal, a senior at Elkins High School in Missouri City, Texas and National Youth Advisory Board member

Before joining her school’s club, Jyothi believed the only way to impact school violence was through federal legislation and government change. Now she knows that students can make a real impact in their own communities and beyond with programs like Start With Hello and Say Something

“Even on a social level, like starting with hello, the work of students and teens can help immensely in the fight against student violence,” she said. 

During the upcoming year on the Youth Advisory Board, Jyothi hopes to work on removing the stigma attached to telling an adult about a concern for another student. 

“Students today typically are reluctant to report things, out of fear of being branded as a snitch,” she said. “The idea of prioritizing one’s perception amongst their peers over the safety of the student body is extremely harmful.” 

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