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Noor: Celebrating Diversity In the Community

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Noor is a senior in Texas. They have been an active member of their SAVE Promise Club for a year. The focus of their Club is bettering the campus. They’re creating a safe space where all students can thrive in a school environment without worrying about external factors like bullying.

One of the most successful activities the Club organized was a Cultural Diversity Fair. Their school district is extremely diverse across ethnicity, religion, and identity. As a young person of color, Noor feels very strongly that everyone should have access to equal resources and opportunities. Their Club organized Say Something Week, presented at the virtual Youth Summit and more than 300 of their peers attended.  

“No matter the age, all children can learn about caring and being compassionate to others in order to continue demonstrating those traits throughout their life.”

Noor, National Youth Advisory Board

Youth Leadership in Action

Noor is involved in many clubs and leadership opportunities at their school including Do Something, No To Hate, and UNICEF. They are also part of a Teen Leadership Program at her mosque and regularly volunteer for Helping Hands.

For this school year, Noor wants to grow the participation of their school in Say Something Week. Their goal is to create more mental health resources and collaborate with elementary students on Start With Hello

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