Fun Ways to Say Hello

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Say “Hello” to Amber McCormack, our student guest blogger! She’s President of her local SAVE Promise Club and a member of our Youth Advisory Board. Read her post about how she led her club to “Start With Hello” and carry on the hello spirit all school year long!

So far this year, my club has been fortunate enough to have in-person school. But even with in-person classes, it’s still vital that connections are made this year. Many students feel more separated or distant than ever. 

We have been doing everything we can in recent weeks to build those connections between our student body. But between wearing masks, plexiglass, and new social distancing guidelines. This year is not a typical year. 

With these added challenges, we wanted to include safe ways to build connections within our student body. Start With Hello Week gave something to look forward to, an idea of unity when we feel distant. Whether it’s a piece of candy, wearing green, or acknowledging what makes you smile, these activities make us more connected. 

We also created a video describing some of the fun ways to say hello, from foot taps to the nod, you can use to stay connected with your friends. These activities build more connections and more unity within the student body.

Reaching Out to Help

The November theme is “Reach Out and Help.” This means encouraging others to form connections with each other and support one another.

Whether it be in your school or community, this month is about supporting others. November also includes World Kindness Day and World Hello Day. Celebrate these days by challenging students to complete a random act of kindness. Or by asking them to say hello to someone new or establish their “hello” style.

My club is planning a drive-thru food drive to give back to our community, especially in time for Thanksgiving. It is a great simple way to mobilize your school or community to give back. This month is a great time for a service project that builds connections within your club and community. 

Join the Club!

See more from Amber on her “Empowered to Make Change” profile. You, or the students in your life, can also join students like her in a SAVE Promise Club! Learn how your school or community organization can get involved.