It's Up to Us to #ProtectOurKids

This child’s passionate message is a reminder that gun violence has to stop. It’s up to us to #ProtectOurKids. 

Make the Sandy Hook Promise TODAY:


Nature Walks are Great for Mental Health

A new study shows that nature walks and outdoor activities are great for your mental health! 

Do you have a favorite outdoor activity? Tell us in the comments below!

Here, we like walking our dogs on park trails and hiking with friends.

"We Need Real Action"


“So we need real action, a real debate. We need real, honest policy to happen here. And no, it’s not all about guns. It’s about mental health, it’s about law enforcement, and it’s about a culture of violence and hate that we have just become immune to.” 

– Senator Chris Murphy delivers moving testimony on the Senate floor. Read more here:

Promise Champion Pat Toomey Interested in Reviving Background Checks

That’s what we call progress! We’re so happy that Sandy Hook Promise Champion Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Joe Manchin are pushing for meaningful change to prevent gun violence.

Why we need a public service approach to gun violence prevention:

“That’s why the nation needs a public service offensive on behalf of the health and safety of us all. It could build on Sandy Hook Promise and other civic endeavors."

E.J. Dionne Jr. talks about how our nation can shift the conversation around gun violence, here:

My son was killed at Sandy Hook. We need to do more to prevent another Charleston.

Let's train our young people to identify warning signs in others.

We #StandWithCharleston


Sandy Hook Promise is an organization that has experienced inexplicable shock, pain and loss from gun violence. We feel as though a part of us is grieving in Charleston, too. That such a heinous act would occur in a place of worship is as horrifying as it was in an elementary school. Our tragedy occurred outside the realm of race, and we claim no expertise on the issue of hate crimes, but we do know this: Churches, like schools, should be a safe place for everyone and to disrupt that sense of safety in such a violent way is unimaginable. With broken hearts we reach out to all those affected in Charleston and offer any support we can.

"The Love Doesn't Stop"


In a moving series by photographer Joe Quint, parents who have lost children to gun violence have a chance to tell their stories.

See their stories and pictures here: "The Love Doesn't Stop."