Mother's Day Promise Tree


Promise Leader Annie brought the Mother's Day Promise Tree activity to The Goddard School in Ohio!

This awesome project let moms and kids work together in class to build a Promise Tree out of hand prints with messages about kindness and the things they love most about their moms.

Parents work hard to #ProtectOurKids everyday, and we appreciate moms like Annie who work hard to spread the Sandy Hook Promise and keep kids safe!

If you made a Promise Tree, send us your pictures at and if you'd like to apply to be a Promise Leader to take part in advocacy activities like this in your community, please visit

A UCSB Student Shares her Best Memories of Veronika Weiss

Alexis Hage, a college student and sorority sister shares memories of the incredible bond she had with her best friend, Veronika Weiss.

Veronika was one of 6 people killed in the violent rampage at UCSB almost one year ago.

We are thinking of every still heartbroken family and student and sending our love to Isla Vista during this incredibly difficult time.

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Colleges are Working to Fight Stigma and Reduce Suicide on Campus

With suicide as the nation’s 2nd leading cause of death for people of college-age and more than 1,000 college students dying from suicide every year, schools are taking an even harder look at what they can do for students.

At Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Student Support Network meetings, a group of more than 400 members are trained to intervene & help students dealing with mental health issues. The goal on campus is to reduce stigma by promoting the idea that seeking help is a positive choice, that all people struggle at times and they aren't alone.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute experienced 1 suicide since 2006 and 4 in the last 18 years. Since beginning their suicide prevention programs several years ago, the school’s suicide rate has dropped below the national average.

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YMHFA In Cleveland


Almost 40 people from law enforcement, schools, youth serving organizations, community organizations and health care came together at the Boys and Girls Club in Cleveland to participate in a Youth Mental Health First Aid training on Wednesday.

The training was organized by Frontline Crisis Services with the City of Cleveland and this is the 2nd YMHFA training that Frontline has organized with SHP!

If you would like to bring a Youth Mental Health First Aid training to your community, please email us at #‎MHFA



Amazing Notes of Encouragement

After speaking to a class at Connecticut College, Mark received so many gracious thank you notes from students there.

We love to hear from all of you, in the mail, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through our emails. Your kind words, compassion, and encouragement mean more than you will ever know!


Three Rs Day at Fieldstone Middle School


On Wednesday, Mark spoke to students at Fieldstone Middle School in Montvale, New Jersey. He, along with survivors of the Aurora movie theater shooting and 9/11, as well as many others, were at the school for "Three R's Day", respect, reflect, remember.

The speakers gave messages of resilience and ways to make positive changes in the world, even through times of intense grief. Mark told the students ways they can start making changes at school by sitting with or talking to students who may be isolated and by just being more kind.

Read more at the link here to hear more about the speakers and the ways students were impacted by the many powerful stories.

#‎Respect #‎Reflect #‎Remember

Project UROK & Actress Mara Wilson Talk Mental Health

Actress Mara Wilson, Project UROK, and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls know that though mental illnesses are very common in our society, there is an intense #stigma that surrounds them and we don't talk about them enough.

Mara discusses her experience with anxiety and depression and some of the ways she has learned to feel better, including a simple breathing exercise in a short video you can watch HERE

"The important thing to remember is that you are not alone and you are OK.”

SHP Meets With Ohio Physicians Groups

Mark, Paula, and Ellie from SHP met with members of the American Academy of Pediatrics Ohio Chapter, the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians and the Ohio Osteopathic Association to discuss potential future collaborations.

The Ohio Coalition of Primary Care Physicians has plans to create educational tools for parents and patients to help them recognize the signs of someone in crisis, and the Ohio AAP's "Building Mental Wellness" program is available as a downloadable learning module.

We are excited to connect with these groups in the future to cultivate proven prevention and intervention programs, improve mental wellness and reduce gun-related tragedies.

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