A Heroic Teacher Stopped a School Shooting This Morning

A teenage shooter was stopped by a teacher at North Thurston High School in Washington this morning.

The suspect fired at least 2 shots inside the school and was tackled and detained by a teacher who acted swiftly. It appears no students were physically injured when the shots were fired, even though shots were fired in a busy common area.

We applaud this teacher for their heroic action. As we know, teachers put themselves in danger everyday to protect their students from harm and for this we are thankful. #‎TeachersAreHeroes

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Could Mental Health First Aid Be the Next CPR?

An increase in federal funding has the opportunity to make Mental Health First Aid as well-known as CPR.

The 8 hour course teaches participants how to identify symptoms of a mental health issue or crisis and how and when to intervene. In California, the Department of Education received a $1.9 million grant last yeah to offer training courses for teachers, principals, bus drivers and others who work closely with school-age children to help better identify problems earlier and be able to provide intervention sooner.

With proposed legislation from Senator Richard Blumenthal and Senator Kelly Ayotte, another $20 million dollars to put toward expanding #‎MHFA training will hopefully be added to the upcoming budget.

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Mother's Day Promise Day!


This May, #PromiseDay is all about the love we share for our moms and how hard they work to #ProtectOurKids!

There are 3 meaningful actions you can take this month to encourage other moms and female role models in your life to make the promise and to show our appreciation.

When you download the Mother’s Day Toolkit, you will receive directions for all three of these actions.  Each of these seemingly small, yet powerful actions can be done in as little as 1 – 3 hours.  In the first, you will receive samples and guidance on how to get the people you know to Make the Promise and join us in working to protect our kids, prevent gun violence, and promote mental wellness. The second will give you instructions on how to set up a tableing event to build awareness about SHP at your place of worship, local church, town community event, or event outside your favorite grocery store! The third option is an art project that moms and dads can bring into their children’s schools,  and create the SHP tree logo, while writing kind messages about their moms or guardians and the best things they have instilled in their kids.

If you would like to join others from across the country in participating in our Mother’s Day Promise Day and honoring the moms in your life, please sign up before April 30 at:

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We Remember Columbine


Today, 16 years after the shooting at Columbine High School in Litttleton, Colorado, we stop to reflect and remember the 12 students and 1 teacher who lost their lives and 24 others who were injured.

We send our love and prayers to the victims and their families, as well as the entire Littleton community.

We Remember Virginia Tech


Today, on the 8th anniversary of the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, we stop to remember the 32 victims and their friends and families, as well as the 17 others who were gravely wounded.

We send our love and prayers to all of the victims and the entire Virginia Tech community.


A Concert For Sandy Hook Promise with Tim McGraw!


We are so grateful and excited to announce that on July 17th, Tim McGraw will be playing a show in Hartford, CT. Proceeds will honor SHP and our unrelenting work to promote mental wellness, combat social isolation, and prevent gun violence to #‎ProtectOurKids.

Tickets to this amazing show will go on sale on Friday, April 17th at 10 am at

We look forward to seeing you all there for a day of music, remembrance, and love!

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Preventing Gun Violence Without Just Talking About the Gun

As Nicole Hockley says so plainly – and heartbreakingly – in her recent TEDx talk about the Sandy Hook tragedy, in which her son Dylan was killed: Gun violence is indiscriminate – it can happen to anyone, at any place and at any time. But it's preventable.

Here's something you can do right now to make a difference: Watch Nicole's TEDx talk and then share it with everyone you know so they too can learn how to help spare other families the unimaginable pain of losing a child to gun violence.

Nine Percent of Americans Have Anger Issues & Access to Firearms

A new study illustrates that nearly 9% of Americans have anger and impulse issues and access to firearms.

The research published in the journal Behavioral Sciences and the Law also indicates that "the 310 million firearms estimated to be in private hands in the United States are disproportionately owned by people who are prone to angry, impulsive behavior and have a potentially dangerous habit of keeping their guns close at hand."

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