Sandy Hook Green is the Color of Promise

Sandy Hook Promise, the community organization that formed in the days following the tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, has partnered with OPI Products Inc., to launch a new, limited edition nail color called Sandy Hook Green, available only through donation at

Sandy Hook Green features the bright, bold green that represents the Sandy Hook school colors and has become associated with holistic solutions to stem gun violence. Wearing the nail lacquer is an opportunity to help support the efforts of the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, which provides immediate and long-term aid to family members and the community of Sandy Hook, and promotes an open dialogue around the areas of gun responsibility, mental health and school safety through education, outreach and grass-roots discussion.

Two Colorado state lawmakers recalled

In yesterday's special election, two Colorado state lawmakers were recalled from office after voting to require criminal background checks for all gun purchases and ban large-capacity ammunition magazines. We salute Senators Morse and Giron for their service and their willingness to fight to make Colorado’s communities and children safer. 

At Sandy Hook Promise, we remain committed to advocating for change by bringing together the majority of Americans who agree that we must find common sense solutions to address the causes of gun violence.

Newtown Labor Day Parade

Sandy Hook Elementary School sends its thanks to the world from the Newtown Labor Day parade.

Sandy Hook Parents Even More Determined After Georgia School Shooting

Yesterday, Mark Barden, father of 7-year-old Daniel, and Nelba Marquez-Greene, mother of 7-year-old Ana, who were both lost in the Sandy Hook shooting on 12/14, spoke with Ann Curry about their determination to protect other parents from experiencing similar tragedy. In case you missed NBC's Nightly News, watch their interview to hear about the actions they've taken over the past eight months.

Sandy Hook Promise Issues Statement on Decatur, Georgia School Shooting

NEWTOWN, CT—Today, a gunman in Decatur, Georgia entered an elementary school, barricaded in the school’s main office, and opened fire while children were in the area.  After several tense moments, the gunman eventually surrendered to police without further incident.  No one was injured, and all students, faculty and staff were accounted for and safe.  

Nicole Hockley, the mother of 6-year-old Dylan Hockley, who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, issued the following statement on behalf of Sandy Hook Promise in response to today’s incident:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and the children of Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, who today came face to face with a threat that no child should experience.  And while no one was killed or injured by the gunman’s shots, there are very real consequences stemming from today’s incident.  No child should ever have reason to be afraid to go to school and no parent should be afraid that the child they send to school in the morning won't be coming home in the afternoon.  If it can happen in Newtown, CT it can happen anywhere. That is why moments like this demand that we all work together to find common sense solutions we can support individually, and as a nation, to prevent tragedy and save lives.”

Getting the Lead Out

Newtown Yoga Festival 2013

The Newtown Yoga Festival is a grassroots festival created by members of Newtown and its neighbors. The intention of the festival is to offer the enlightening teachings of Beryl Bender Birch and Seane Corn. With Newtown's own beloved Karen Pierce heading up the children's yoga classes, this is truly a family friendly event. Vendors will be on site, live music will be played throughout the day, bocce ball courts will be open. We hope a seed takes root in the hearts of all who attend, as a reminder of the importance of mindfulness, acceptance and love. The first annual Newtown Yoga Festival is not a for profit event. All proceeds go to Sandy Hook Promise.

Click here to read more about the Newtown Yoga Festival.

The Promise of Advocacy

Since tragedy rocked our community late last year, Sandy Hook Promise families have devoted their time and attention to making a meaningful impact on legislative solutions to build safer and healthier communities free from the threat of gun violence. Our advocacy efforts have led us from the White House to the assembly halls of states across the country, looking for common sense gun safety on both the state and federal levels. We've added our voices to the national conversation on firearm responsibility in an effort to prevent other families from experiencing our pain.

In a recent essay from The Brookings Institute, our DC policy advisor Matt Bennett of Third Way, examines how tragedy can ignite transformation and explains the history of gun legislation in this country. Read the full article here and watch an exclusive interview with the Sandy Hook Promise Executive Director, Tim Makris, below.