SHP Statement on Newtown Teacher Arrested with Firearm on School Grounds

“We are dismayed that this could happen in a school, especially one in a community as traumatized as Newtown. We commend the Newtown Police Department and Newtown Public Schools for their thoughtful handling of the arrest of science teacher Jason Adams for violating the law by bringing a weapon onto school grounds.”


Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden

Sandy Hook Promise

From Prof. Dewey G. Cornell: Be Proactive to Cut School Violence

"Prevention must begin early to be most effective.

The reactive strategy of preparing for shootings has overshadowed attention to proactively preventing shootings and other forms of violence. Studies of mass shootings have repeatedly called for greater efforts to identify and intervene with persons in crisis before they engage in a shooting, a prevention practice called threat assessment. Threat assessments can be conducted for students in schools as well as individuals in the community."

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Are mass shootings contagious?

"Behavior is contagious. Studies have shown that watching someone yawn can make us yawn. Conference speakers who come after a nervous speaker can absorb the nervousness. Bad moods spread from boss to employee."


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Make the Promise For Dylan's Birthday


Click here and sign to Make the Promise to protect children from gun violence in honor of Dylan's 10th birthday. 


A Start With Hello Week Experience from Idaho

From a student in the Madison School District in Rexburg, Idaho:


"This is my experience with the "Start with Hello" project.

What I thought would be an insignificant kindness has turned into something much larger.

Today in my class, we were going to be playing a review game. Thinking of the campaign I thought, "Hey, why not?" I decided that I wanted to be partners with someone different rather than the same person I pair up with.
As I was trying to find someone though, it seemed as if everyone had already found a partner. Turning to the individual I normally pair up with, I asked her if she wanted to be partners. She responded yes. As we were about to begin, however, I noticed someone at the front of the class who was without a partner. Everyone else was paired up. This was a person who some would call " kind of awkward." I myself had never really talked with this person but that was all going to change. Without thinking, I said that this individual could be in our group for the game. When he joined I realized just how thankful I was that this individual was in our group. If I had been the only one left I would have wanted someone to accept me into their group. I was able to get to know him better as we played the game and I felt the IMMENSE happiness that comes ONLY from serving someone else. I feel as if my love for others has grown tremendously. I'm soooo grateful for this experience. If I hadn't asked him to be a part of our group I never would have found out what a great person he was and I wouldn't be feeling this soaring happiness right now.

As I continue in this week, I hope that I can still serve others and notice those who go unnoticed. I want to thank those people who came up with this campaign and gave me the opportunity to say "HELLO" and create new friendships and grow a greater depth of character. Thank you."

White House Official Says School Safety is Improving

"The most powerful threats to school safety, Esquith said, are students who are lonely, fearful and hopeless. He said fellow students are the best tools for getting those kids help and preventing serious harm. “It’s not metal detectors; it’s not arming teachers. It’s when other kids report it,” he said." #‎SaySomething


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An American Kid Brings a Gun to School Once a Day


Once per day, an American kid brings a gun to school. This is why safe storage, in conjunction with teaching students how to say something, is SO important. #‎KeepitSafeAndSecure #‎SaySomething

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"Loneliness Grows from Individual Ache to Public Health Hazard"

"Loneliness, long a bane of humanity, is increasingly seen today as a serious public health hazard... The pain of loneliness is like the pain of hunger — it’s a biological signal that something is wrong." #‎StartWithHello

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