VA Tech Shooting Survivor Says School Violence is Preventable

“The key to preventing school violence is creating a safe environment where students feel comfortable recognizing and reporting behavior they think could be dangerous."

In a moving speech, Virginia Tech shooting survivor Kristina Anderson talks about how gun violence is preventable when people know which signs to look for and how to report dangerous behavior. Read from her talk here:

"Who's Accountable When a Child Is Charged with Manslaughter?"


“It’s time to hold adults accountable for responsible firearm storage – or we will continue to read news reports of children’s lives being devastated by gun violence.” #ItsNoAccident

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Continued Bipartisan Support for Background Checks


“Currently, 85% of Americans – including large majorities of Democrats (88%) and Republicans (79%) – favor expanded background checks.”

We deserve to hear from the presidential candidates on how they plan to address this gun safety concern.

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"Children Shooting Children: America's Preventable Tragedies"

"On May 21, a two-year old in Redfield, Arkansas shot to death his five-year-old brother, Benjamin Schrader, using a gun he found in his house. It's well past time to make sure that guns stay in the hands of their owners and not children. Dalis, Benjamin, and thousands of others deserve that from us."

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"The Price of Admission is Bullets"


“I know family members of victims from nearly every mass shooting in recent history and those whose children have been gunned down in their own neighborhoods. I have hugged them and cried with them. We find solace in each other's company. These are my people now."

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"I am the mother of a murdered child. No one else has to be."



“We protect our kids in so many ways; why not from guns?”

Read and share Nicole Hockley's moving piece in Politico about what her son Dylan's death taught her:

#ItsNoAccident: 11 Year Old Charged in Death of 3 Year Old

When a child dies at the hands of another child because they had access to a firearm, #ItsNoAccident and an adult must be held accountable.

Safe storage saves lives. The negligent adult who left a loaded, unsecured gun easily accessible to children was responsible for the death of this poor 3 year old child. Read more about this terrible tragedy here:

Eight Killed, Including 6 Children, in Texas

Eight people, including 6 children, were shot in their home over the weekend in Houston, Texas.

A suspect, alleged to have had a relationship with the mother of all the children, has been taken into custody. He had a violent criminal history, including at least 2 assaults on women and a current warrant out for his arrest.

We send our love and prayers to the family and friends of the two adults and 6 young children lost in this tragedy.

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