"It's Not Too Late to Save Your Child"

“It’s too late to save Alex. It’s too late to save Mayci and Jillian or the worshippers at Emanual AME Church or the servicemen in Chattanooga. But it’s not too late to save your own child.”

The father of an Aurora Theater shooting victim pens a heart wrenching letter and calls for an end to the carnage that gun violence inflicts upon our society. Read more here: 

"Where's My Mental Health First Aid Kit?"

Taking Youth Mental Health First Aid training is a great way to learn the basics of keeping children mentally healthy and safe. Learn more about it here:

"Be Emotional Inside and Out"

ICYMI: Check out this short film by Wavecrest Films and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls about how to help kids deal with their emotions.

How do you usually deal with emotions when you’re upset? Have you found any tricks and tips that help you #‎BeEmotionalInsideOut?

Sandy Hook Promise Supports the Mental Health Reform Act of 2015

Sandy Hook Promise, a movement of almost half a million people that focuses on preventing gun violence before it happens, is supporting the Mental Health Reform Act of 2015. The legislation, proposed by Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), provides meaningful mental health reform at a national level that could also help to reduce gun violence throughout the country.

The bill takes a multi-faceted approach to improving the mental health care system, including:

  • A grant program focused on early intervention for children who display risk factors related to mental illness
  • A new Serious Mental Illness (SMI) Coordinating Committee that will document and promote research and treatment related to SMI
  • Strengthening mental health services within Medicaid/Medicare

"By addressing the need for better mental health care, Senators Murphy and Cassidy are leading a meaningful effort to help millions of Americans in need of assistance. As an organization that deals with the issue of gun violence every day, we know all too well that though only a small percentage of people with mental illness will go on to hurt themselves or someone else, the damage they can do is enormous. Early identification, intervention and help is needed to prevent gun violence before it happens," said Nicole Hockley, Managing Director for Sandy Hook Promise.

Sandy Hook Promise applauds the Senators for their focus on mental health intervention at the federal level and will support them in getting this legislation through the Senate.

A 2013 report on the Sandy Hook shootings made it clear that there were failures in identifying the shooter's mental health issues and coordinating care and intervention around those issues.

We Remember Oak Creek


Today marks 3 years since a shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin took 6 innocent lives and wounded 4 others. We send our love and prayers to all of the victims, their families, and the entire Oak Creek community.

"A Common-sense Step That Could Save Countless Lives..."


“So requiring a license to buy a deadly handgun is a commonsense step that could save countless lives.” - U.S. Representative Chris Van Hollen. 

Do you think having stronger background checks will reduce gun violence? Read more here then comment below with your thoughts.

Why Is It Never the "Right Time" to Talk About Gun Violence?


When is it the right time to start talking about gun violence prevention? And does the distinction of “mass killing” even matter when it comes to talking about the loss of life? This article raises a lot of interesting questions. What’s your take?

Read more here:

Today is International #FriendshipDay

In honor of #‎FriendshipDay, watch this heartfelt video of how a group of boys took a stand against bullying. Everyone needs a friendly face sometimes. Take some time today to reach out to someone who may need a friend!

For more information on the UN International Day of Friendship, go to