Project UROK & Actress Mara Wilson Talk Mental Health

Actress Mara Wilson, Project UROK, and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls know that though mental illnesses are very common in our society, there is an intense #stigma that surrounds them and we don't talk about them enough.

Mara discusses her experience with anxiety and depression and some of the ways she has learned to feel better, including a simple breathing exercise in a short video you can watch HERE

"The important thing to remember is that you are not alone and you are OK.”

SHP Meets With Ohio Physicians Groups

Mark, Paula, and Ellie from SHP met with members of the American Academy of Pediatrics Ohio Chapter, the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians and the Ohio Osteopathic Association to discuss potential future collaborations.

The Ohio Coalition of Primary Care Physicians has plans to create educational tools for parents and patients to help them recognize the signs of someone in crisis, and the Ohio AAP's "Building Mental Wellness" program is available as a downloadable learning module.

We are excited to connect with these groups in the future to cultivate proven prevention and intervention programs, improve mental wellness and reduce gun-related tragedies.

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Student Suicide at Corona del Sol High School

We are deeply saddened to learn that earlier this week, an 18-year-old senior at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona took his own life at school. Our hearts go out to the entire school community as they mourn the loss of their classmate, student, son and friend.

Through this tragedy, we're reminded of the importance of learning to recognize and safely report signs that a person is at risk of hurting themselves, or others. It has been reported that the student had posted several tweets including "Life has fallen apart in front of my eyes and it's all my fault” and simply, "help”.

We stand in solidarity with the Corona del Sol community, and we commit ourselves to prevention. To download the #‎SaySomething guide to educate youth about recognizing and safely reporting warning signs, please visit


How To Be a Better Mental Health Ally


During #‎MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, SHP will bring you resources and facts aimed at reducing the #‎stigma of mental illness.

Since less than 40% of people struggling with their mental health seek help as a result of stigma, it's really important that we change the conversation so that people will start to take proactive, healthy steps to get help when they need it.

HERE, ATTN: brings us a list of ways we can all become better mental health allies to ourselves and those around us.

Update On Menasha, Wisconsin Shooting


Members of law enforcement and hospital staff in Menasha, Wisconsin said at a press conference following Sunday's mass shooting that this incident was, "the end of innocence" for their community. The coroner said, "I've been the coroner for 18 years, and like the doctor said, not an act of violence, other than maybe a domestic one, but nothing like this."

We at Sandy Hook Promise know, tragically, that we must banish these 6 words from our collective vocabulary: "This could never happen to me." No one can prepare themselves for the kinds of random, horrific violence we saw in Menasha, or Sandy Hook, Aurora, and Tucson, to name a few, but we can work to prevent them. Intervening before violence starts is critical, establishing programs that can help communities understand when someone may be crying out for help or could be a danger to themselves or others is imperative to saving innocent lives. Limiting firearm access to criminals and the dangerously ill, and children who far too often find themselves victims of improperly stored weapons can also help stop the epidemic of gun violence in America.

Let us not live in fear, but let us not think "this could never happen to me." Let us be proactive, let us work together, for common-sense solutions that will save lives, keep families intact, and help people who are ill and hurting.



Newtown, CT — Mark Barden, Advocacy Director of Sandy Hook Promise and father of Daniel, issued the following statement on the passage of SB 941 in Oregon:

Today’s passage of SB 941 is a needed step toward keeping Oregon families and communities safer from gun violence. The bill will close the loophole that currently allows criminals to buy guns by applying the existing system of background checks to all gun sales, including sales among unlicensed individuals and online. This legislation will make Oregon a safer place to live, and we are grateful to legislators in the house and senate for doing the right thing and standing up for the safety and well being of their constituents.

We understand – tragically more than most – the urgent need to keep families and communities safe from gun violence. That’s why we were eager to lend our voices and support of this important legislation. We thank all those who voted yes, and urge Governor Brown to sign SB 941 into law. 

There Are 2 Days Left to Sign Up for Our Mother's Day Promise Day Activities!

Only 2 days left to sign up to participate in our special Mother's Day #PromiseDay!

Please join others from across the country by participating in our Mother’s Day Promise Day to honor the moms and female role models in your life & help #protectourkids from gun-related tragedies by signing up before April 30 at:

To download the Mother's Day toolkit, click here:

The 1st Annual Wingathlon is This Weekend in Newtown


The 1st Annual Wingathlon will be held on Saturday, May 2nd at the Fairfield Hills campus in Newtown! You can choose between a family 5K run or walk or a competitive Duathlon consisting of a 5K run, 26K cycle, and 5K run!

The event will benefit Dylan’s Wings of Change, a foundation established to honor the life of Dylan Hockley. Dylan had autism and his parents created the foundation in order to help children with autism and other similar conditions achieve their full potential through educational and support programs in the areas of technology, sports, and inclusion.

Register online for the Wingathlon by April 30th at