Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy Makes Gun Violence Prevention a Priority

Thank you to Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy. Earlier this week he spoke to Congress to mark the 2nd anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

He told Congress about our good bystander programs, and educated them about the Utah student who helped prevent a shooting in their high school last week by telling a school resource officer about a student with a gun. 

He also urged Congress to move forward on mental health funding and pointed out their unintended complicity in the ongoing epidemic of gun violence in America. 

We thank him for his continuous efforts to #ProtectOurKids and for making gun violence prevention a priority. 

Monsters Under the Bed

Today we're proud to launch 'Monsters Under the Bed', a powerful new video that explores some of the amazing things parents do to protect their children.

A must watch for all parents, because together, we can #ProtectOurKids from gun violence.

Imperative Mental Health Care Funding is Being Cut Across the Country

“What a difference a year makes. Last year Americans could see progress flowing from both the White House Conference on Mental Health and state legislation. This year, progress has slowed."

Nearly two years after the tragedy at Sandy Hook, imperative mental health care funding is being cut in states across the country.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, in 2013, 37 states and Washington DC increased funding for mental health after 3 years of funding cuts. In 2014, only 27 states and Washington DC allocated an increase, and 7 states decreased funding.. 

Read more here to see how your state is, or isn't, working for a better mental health care system. 

Local Teens Release New Song in Honor of 12/14

"Amber and Jason’s song reinforces the message that we can make our communities and nation a safer place by being good bystanders. We are grateful to them for donating their time and doing their best to make a difference."

Fairfield County native Amber Schaper and her band mate Jason Bangser worked together to write and produce a beautiful song called "Counting on You". 

You can listen to and purchase their song HERE. All proceeds from the song will benefit Sandy Hook Promise's mission to keep all children safe from gun violence. 

NYC Unveils Mental Health System Overhaul in Its Prisons

New York City has unveiled a drastic overhaul of its mental health system for inmates in their prisons. 

With $130 million to be spread over four years, the new plan aims to reduce recidivism rates by treating "frequent fliers," inmates that cycle in and out of prison, instead of punishing them for minor offenses. Inmates with mental health and substance abuse problems will now receive mental and public health treatment during almost every step of the criminal justice process. 

You can read more at the link here

Utah High School Student Alerts Officer of Student With a Gun, Helps Avoid Another School Tragedy

#SaySomething - A GOOD BYSTANDER at Fremont High School in Plain City, Utah helped prevent another school tragedy.

They saw another student with a gun in their waistband and alerted the school resource officer who was able to detain the student without trouble. After being detained, the student was charged in a juvenile detention center with possession of a weapon with intent to assault, possession of a firearm in a restricted area and possession of a firearm by a minor. 

He later admitted to investigators that he planned to shoot another student he was in a relationship with, then open fire on others. The student who spoke up when they saw the weapon undoubtedly avoided another school shooting tragedy and showed us all why it's important to say something. For information on our Say Something program, please visit

For more on the good bystander and the investigation into the student with the weapon, click HERE. 

"The CNN Guns Project"

Here, CNN brings us "The Guns Project", an interactive map of 24 hours of gun violence in America.

From Pasadena, to Chicago, North and South Carolina, you can read the stories of July 12th, 2014, and the lives permanently altered by the daily occurrence of gun violence in this country.

We must do more and work together to prevent these tragedies from becoming commonplace. We can do more together to protect our children, families, friends, and neighbors.

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