Today Marks One Year Since The Navy Yard Shootings

One year after the tragic shooting at the Washington Navy Yard that claimed 12 lives and left three others injured, we stand in mourning with the family and friends of the victims.

Newtown Resident On One Year In The NRA

One Newtown resident joined the National Rifle Association after 26 neighbors were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in an attempt to better understand the organization that controls the gun debate. 

Twenty Years Since The Violence Against Women Act

"Since its passage, VAWA has been a staggering success in making our communities safer. Annual rates of domestic violence have dropped by more than half. The law has saved lives and kept guns out of the hands of countless domestic abusers."

New Tip Line For Oklahoma Public Schools

Oklahoma School Security Institute launched a new tip line for public schools across the state so that students, teachers, and parents can report suspicious behavior or violent threats.

Today Is World Suicide Prevention Day

Some 30,000 Americans die by suicide and another 500,000 attempt suicide each year.

Student Steals Fathers Gun, Brings It To School, And Gives It To Friend On Playground

A 13-year-old student from Hamden, Connecticut stole her father's handgun, brought it to school, and later gave to another 13-year-old on the playground yesterday.

11 Facts About Gun Violence

When we look at these facts about gun violence in the United States, we notice that much of the problem boils down to one thing: access.

Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds: Mental Health Reform Is Failing At Federal Level

"We've been able to work together as Democrats and Republicans. We've been able to cross the aisle to get things done in this field. I'm determined that we're going to make more progress. I want to build in Virginia the best system of mental health care treatment for a public system in the country."