In San Antonio, The Police Are Part Of Mental Health Care

In San Antonio, the police, the county jail, mental-health department, criminal courts, hospitals and homeless programs have worked together to develop the resources to take better care of people with serious mental illness.

Action Through State Advocacy

Over the summer, legislatures take a vacation, but our advocacy work continues. In the past few months, Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund has been busy preparing for state governments to return to session to continue our advocacy efforts in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Delaware and others.

Two South Pasadena Students Arrested In Connection With School Violence Plot

Two students were arrested yesterday after school officials became aware of a plot to kill teachers and students at South Pasadena High School. We are so thankful that conscientious bystanders were able to recognize the warning signs and intervene to prevent mass violence. 

Supporting Wellness

"Individual wellness is largely a product of what happens in families, schools, communities, and the broader social context, and interventions are more efficient when they target root causes."

A Grassroots Conversation On Mental Health

DON'T STOP SPEAKING OUT. Robin Williams' tragic death has ignited frank, open conversations about mental health issues on social media channels and around dinner tables across the country. 

"He Just Snapped" Is A Myth, Psychologist Says

"People don't wake up and suddenly make a major shift in how they've been their entire lives and suddenly decide to kill others."

School Violence And Gun-Related Injury Are Among Top Ten National Children's Health Concerns

Adults rank school violence and gun-related injuries in their top ten concerns for children's health nationally, but not in their top ten concerns for children in their own communities.

Dear Sandy Hook Promise Community: Thank You

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