Sandy Hook Promise Sends Condolences To Families Of Victims Of Shooting In Las Vegas

Our thoughts are in Las Vegas after two shooters killed two police officers and then fatally shot a third person yesterday. Please join us in sending your condolences to the victims' families.

Sandy Hook Promise Sends Prayers To Seattle Pacific University

Our hearts break for the victims of the shooting at Seattle Pacific University yesterday that left one student dead and three others injured. Please join us in keeping their families and the entire SPU community in your thoughts and prayers.

The Time To Act Is Now

In the 18 months since I lost my wife Mary, a dedicated school psychologist who would kneel down or sit in a low chair when talking to students to make sure they felt heard, in the senseless rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary, I've spoken out to bring more focus and attention to mental health and wellness.

Sandy Hook Promise Receives Eileen Egan Peacemaker Award

"Thank you, Sandy Hook Promise, for showing us all how to convert unbearable pain and grief into indomitable strength and purpose."

Alan Martinez: My nephew was killed in Isla Vista. Are you going to remember this time?

"We live in a country where gun violence is commonplace and gets our attention for a few minutes -- unless the victim is your nephew, daughter, brother, mother, beloved. But there are things we all must do."

Thank You For Supporting NJ's Magazine Capacity Legislation

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining Sandy Hook Promise in urging Governor Chris Christie to reduce the size of gun ammunition magazines, so that we can prevent the heartbreak Newtown families endured from occurring elsewhere.

Sandy Hook Promise Supports "Promoting Healthy Minds for Safer Communities Act"

In the aftermath of another round of lethal gun violence, perpetrated by a mentally ill individual with access to firearms, Sandy Hook Promise released this statement today.

House of Representatives Approves Bipartisan Amendment to Improve Funding for the NICS

Today the House of Representatives approved Representative Mike Thompson's amendment to HR 4660 which will provide $19 million in grants to improve state reporting to the NICS system. The measure passed with bipartisan support and will now move on to a vote in the Senate.