Anne Marie Murphy

Today is the birthday of Anne Marie Murphy who taught art and special education at Sandy Hook Elementary and was lost that tragic day last December. Anne loved her work at Sandy Hook so much that she was a dedicated teacher's aide until a permanent position finally opened at the school. Dedicate yourself to something you love in her honor and remember that caring always makes a difference.

Guns in Ohio Schools?

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, schools across America have been finding new ways to keep our children safer. What do you think of a new security policy in an Ohio school district that allows qualified school principals to carry loaded handguns onto campus?  Read about it here.

Join Us After Concert for Newtown

Join us tomorrow, immediately following the PBS broadcast of a "Concert for Newtown" on a call with Peter Yarrow, of Peter Paul and Mary, and Sandy Hook Promise families. Learn how you can join with them in supporting common sense solutions to end gun violence and build stronger communities. You can also watch the concert online here:


Saturday marks one year since the tragic mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Stand with us in honoring the lives lost on that day and those lost every day to gun violence. Click this link to donate a Facebook post and Tweet in remembrance:

Newtown Yoga Festival

  Newtown Yoga FestivalNewtown Yoga Festival


Proceeds to benefit Sandy Hook Promise


NYA Sports & Fitness at 4 Primrose Street, Newtown, CT.


A community class and conversation with renowned yoga teachers Seane Corn and Beryl Bender Birch. Also: live music, kids' yoga class, outdoor bocce, local vendors and a silent auction. 

Reserve a spot online at Suggested donation $25.


Today, Olivia Engel would be celebrating her 7th birthday. Last year, she spent her 6th birthday at a princess tea party with her family and friends. She loved to have fun and be silly and we encourage you to find a little time today to laugh. Treat yourself to a dessert, do something nice for a friend, and remember how your life is really very special.

Francine Wheeler Testifies on Background Checks

"If we all agree dangerous individuals shouldn't have guns, then shouldn't we take at least the most basic steps to ensure that they can't get around the system simply by going online or buying from someone who's not a licensed gun dealer?"

Today Francine Wheeler, the mother of 6-year-old Ben who was among those tragically lost at Sandy Hook Elementary, testified before the Pennsylvania Judiciary Committee on the subject of background checks.

Read about and watch video of Francine's testimony here.

Parents Work to Prevent the Next Newtown

Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel are the parents of 6-year-old Avielle who was lost in the shooting on 12/14. As scientists, they are using their skills to reduce violence by finding biological indicators that predispose people to it. Read more on how understanding brain health can help keep our families safe.