Call the Department of Education to Keep Guns Out of Schools

The New York Times just reported that the Trump administration is considering moving forward with a plan to fund arming teachers. Instead of trying to prevent tragedies before they happen, Trump's Department of Education will be bringing more guns into schools by giving educators weapons.

Our loved ones were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary, but we know arming teachers is not the answer. We need to act immediately to stop this before educators across the country are handed deadly weapons. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has the power to stop this – but she needs to hear from us now.

Here is the phone number to call the Department of Education right now: 202-401-3000. If the mailbox is full or you have trouble getting through, try calling the main Department of Education number: 1-800-872-5327 and then press 3.

Here's a script you can follow for your call:

  • I am a supporter of Sandy Hook Promise, and I'm urging you not to allow grants to fund arming educators in America's schools.
  • No teacher should carry the responsibility of deciding whether to take a life, and more guns will not make students or educators safer. Bringing more guns into schools will only put more children's lives at risk.
  • We need to be training educators to recognize the warning signs of gun violence and intervene to get help for children who need it, not arming them with deadly weapons.
  • Please do not allow federal funds to arm educators.

That's it!