Call Your House Member in Support of Mental Health Reform!

The House is voting tomorrow on a critical mental health reform bill we’ve been working toward for over three years – but the only way it will pass is if House members hear from all of us right now.

We are so close to finally passing these historic mental health reforms. If you make a quick phone call to your representative’s office immediately, we can secure the votes we need to win. Please call now and urge your representative to vote to help save lives by identifying and providing treatment for those battling mental health issues:


Capitol switchboard

(202) 224-3121]


Making a call like this might seem intimidating, but we promise it’s very quick and easy. Here's an outline you can follow on your short call:


  • First say your name and that you’re a constituent.


  • Then tell them you support Rep. Murphy’s Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act to address mental health issues and save lives.


  • Finish by explaining too many families have been devastated because of unidentified and untreated mental health issues, and you’re counting on your representative to vote yes for mental health reform.


After your call, please click here to let us know how it went. We’re keeping our vote count up to date so we know which representatives still need to hear from us.


With your help, we can fix our country’s broken mental health care system and save lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your support, and for helping us honor the memory of Dylan.