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Multimedia Assets & Resources

multimedia resource center

Here you’ll find photos, videos, and more to help bring your story alive. Whether you’re looking for a photo of our co-founders, our programs, or additional video clips, we’ve got you covered.

Important Note: These assets are available only for professional journalists and reporters working with legitimate media organizations. To download any of the assets below, please email [email protected] for an access code.

Thank you!


Photos available for download include images of our co-founders and their families, students participating in our programs, advocacy events, and more.
Group of students filming a video, behind the scenes.

Video & Audio

Download clips of our co-founders, students and educators speaking about the impact of our programs, as well as B-roll  and audio soundbites.

A person holding a laptop which is open to a folder of Sandy Hook Promise graphics and digital assets.


From graphics that show the impact of our programs, facts about gun violence, and more, we have a variety of assets to compliment your coverage.


In this section you’ll find a variety of different resources from information about our programs, research, and answers to any other questions you may have.

Our Programs

 Sandy Hook Promise’s Know the Signs programs are proven to effectively teach youth and adults how to prevent school violence, shootings, and other harmful acts. Students and educators learn how to identify at-risk behaviors and intervene to get help. These early prevention measures, including Say Something and Start With Hello, empower everyone to help keep schools and communities safe.

Two students holding "you matter" and "Start With Hello" signs


Lives are being saved and youth are safer, more connected and emotionally intelligent as a result of our programs, campaigns, and interventions. Because of our programs, credible planned school shooting attacks have been averted, young lives have been saved from suicide, and acts of violence have been prevented.


Research reveals the warning signs that often precede violence, and that knowing the signs and reaching out for help is key to prevention. Check out the research behind our signature Know The Signs programs and recent studies that show their effectiveness.

A student showcasing the back of his Sandy Hook Promise t-shirt.


Get answers to common questions about our history, what we do today, where we stand on the issues, and so much more.

Where to Next?

Our Programs

Our proven Know the Signs programs teach youth and adults how to prevent violence, shootings, and other harmful acts.

Our Impact

Committed to driving change to protect children, measuring our effectiveness to learn and celebrate our shared success.

Our Advocacy

Through our sister organization, Sandy Hook Promise Action Fund, you can help change policy to enact common sense reforms.