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Despite social distancing efforts, gun violence has continued to surge across the nation. More people were killed by gun violence last year than in the past two decades. There have been more than 150 mass shootings in the first four months of 2021. A gunman killed 10 people at a grocery store in Colorado, days after eight were murdered in Atlanta. Mass shootings continue to dominate the news on a near-weekly basis.

The headlines might fade, but Sandy Hook Promise continues its work to make sure people are aware of the epidemic of gun violence and the simple measures we can take that can save lives. From encouraging state and federal gun safety legislation to ensuring that students and educators have the tools they need to prevent violence in their own communities, we continue our work towards a future where no person nor child has to live in fear of a shooting.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of media appearances our co-founders and managing directors have participated in to drive solutions-oriented conversations around gun violence.

Washington Post

Mark Barden and Nicole Hockley spoke with the Washington Post about the deadly rise in gun violence. Shootings never stopped during the pandemic: 2020 was the deadliest gun violence year in decades


Mark Barden talks about how his relationship with President Joseph Biden helped him with his grief. Father of Sandy Hook Victim Says Joe Biden Has Helped Him Process Grief: ‘Common Ground’


Nicole Hockley discusses how the apathy towards gun violence has allowed federal lawmakers to avoid passing meaningful gun safety reform. I was apathetic about gun violence — until my 6-year-old son was killed

Also on CNN, Nicole Hockley discusses the Boulder attack and lack of action by Congress.

USA Today

Kids going back to school in a pandemic are met with another trauma: Active shooter drills.


Mark Barden discusses the frustrations and obstacles toward gun reform.


Nicole Hockley reacts to comments by GOP Senators on gun reforms.


Life-saving tips surge in North Carolina schools and across the country. Read the article

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