SAVE Promise Club Stories

SAVE Promise Club chapters get creative when it comes to engaging, empowering, and educational activities. Members and advisors like you understand how to build awareness in the larger community. You’re spreading the word about violence prevention, social isolation, and the power of upstander actions.

A SAVE Promise Club stands in front of a banner that says "Hello, Have a great Day! You Matter!

SAVE Promise Club Highlight

The George Bush Senior High School SAVE Promise Club in Texas created a community of care for Start With Hello Week 2019. Follow @sandyhookpromise on Instagram and use #SAVEPromiseClub. You’ll see the latest from your fellow club members. And you can share your own great photos, videos and more!

Other Ways to Lift Up Student Voices

Take a Selfie Video! Visit Gather Voices to record your video. You’ll get prompts and talking points to help make it great. Learn how.

Become a Blogger!
Get some ideas by reading profiles and blog posts from our Youth Advisory Board. Read more.

Dig into the Archives!
If you’re looking for great ideas, see what other clubs have done over the years. See the archive.

Say Hello from Far Away!

Mukwonago’s SAVE Promise Club gives their school community ways to say Hello! Watch how they’ve included social-distancing and virtual Hello styles. Together, they’re helping overcome social isolation despite COVID-19.  Get our social distancing activity guide. 

Lights! Camera! Action!

Watch the latest production from the SAVE Promise Club and the Tractor Shed Theater. Club members can write screenplays and produce videos as an engaging, multimedia activity. All you need is a mobile phone with a camera, a few friends and a little creativity. Already made a video? Please share! 

Share Your SAVE Promise Club Story

Your activities can be shared nationwide so other students can see and replicate your great work! If you’d like to share your club’s creativity, send us your stories and activities. Email is if you’d like to be highlighted in Sandy Hook Promise’s newsletters, social media and more: [email protected]