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The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is a wonderful group of educators who empower and support the Sandy Hook Promise National Youth Advisory Board (YAB), a group of youth leaders who serve as the national voice of SAVE Promise Clubs and Sandy Hook Promise. The SAC also provides insight, feedback, and direction for our violence prevention programs. We are grateful for their leadership, participation, and dedication to SAVE Promise Clubs!

Sharmaine Brown

Jared’s Heart of Success Inc., Georgia

Sharmaine is the founder of Jared’s Heart of Success Inc., a youth organization in Lithonia, Georgia. When Sharmaine learned about SAVE Promise Clubs, she immediately registered to help spread awareness of Say Something and Start With Hello. The community-based organization’s youth members founded two high school SAVE Promise Clubs and they collaborate on projects and events throughout the year. She is grateful to work alongside Sandy Hook Promise to prevent violence in schools and communities!

Mary Pat Carr

Amos Alonzo Stagg High School, Illinois

Mary Pat is an Assistant Principal. She has worked with Sandy Hook Promise since October 2015. In January of 2020, Amos Alonzo Stagg High School hosted over 100 students from neighboring schools for a Say Something Summit. “I was honored to serve on the Student Advisory Committee during the 2020-2021 School Year and look forward to a continued role in the upcoming school year!”

Debra D’Angelo

Jonathan Law High School, Connecticut

Debra has been a school psychologist in the Milford Public School District for over 25 years. Her passion for and involvement with crisis intervention within the school system led her to be part of the Sandy Hook Promise community for the last six years. She is thrilled to be able to expand her involvement with Sandy Hook Promise’s messages and teachings as part of the School Advisory Committee and a co-advisor for her school’s SAVE Promise Club, the Natural Helpers.

Sarah Dianich

Mukwonago High School, Wisconsin

Sarah started her school’s SAVE Promise Club in 2006 after a tragic event in her community. 15 years later, she is now an associate principal at the school and she still actively supports the club. “I love to see club members excited about sharing the club message with others. That light of hope – that belief in being able to change the world – is quite possibly the most beautiful thing our youth have to offer.”

Melissa Foster

Aurora High School, Ohio

Melissa started teaching a new service-learning class at her school five years ago. That was when she incorporated the lessons and values of Start With Hello and Say Something into the class curriculum and her students implemented school-wide activities around them. Since then, she’s acted as the liaison while the students plan the school’s SAVE Promise Club activities. After school and club meetings, she can often be found with her students volunteering at nursing homes and homeless shelters.

Michelle Henne

North Broward Preparatory School, Florida

Michelle is a teacher at North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek, Florida. She became involved with Sandy Hook Promise six years ago when three of her students created a project titled “Fighting for a Change: Sandy Hook Parents”, and they interviewed Sandy Hook Promise’s Co-Founder, Mark Barden.

Michelle Hinds

Del Norte High School, California

Michelle is the Student Services Specialist and the advisor of the Del Norte High School SAVE Promise Club. She is proud of what their club has done and how they’ve helped each campus in their district start a SAVE Promise Club. The clubs collaborate and share ideas around Start With Hello and Say Something. For Michelle, it is an absolute honor to work to advocate for policies that create safer schools where kids can thrive! 

Donna Lembo

High Point Regional High School, New Jersey

Donna is a School Counselor at High Point Regional High School, in Sussex, NJ. She became involved with SAVE Promise Clubs when her son was a member. During the 2019-2020 school year, she became the SAVE Promise Club advisor. She proudly advises a fantastic group of students who create, plan and implement goals and activities for their club. She is thrilled to be joining the School Advisory Committee and collaborating with advisers from across the country.

Daisy McCaroll

Biloxi High School, Mississippi

Daisy is the Assistant Chief with the Biloxi Public Schools Campus Police Department and a School Resource Officer at Biloxi High School. She has been a SAVE Promise Club advisor for 9 years. This is her second consecutive year serving as a member of the School Advisory Committee. She is passionate about supporting club members and their work in the school and community. “They work hard year-round to promote kindness, safety, inclusion and community involvement!”

Patty Mullins

California High School, California

As a Support Counselor in the Wellness Center at California High School, Patty was inspired by her students to become a SAVE Promise Club Advisor.

Patty believes in the message of SAVE Promise Clubs and wanted to contribute to the cause of her students; teaching inclusion, kindness, and safety. She says “Their passion is contagious!”

Christopher Nguyen

Elkins High School, Texas

Christopher is a Science teacher at Elkins High School. This is his second consecutive year as a member of the School Advisory Committee. Being a SAVE Promise Club advisor allows him to support the engagement and empowerment of his students. His goal for this year is to “continue building up our community in a way that will allow our students to make a bigger impact, spreading awareness and reducing school violence.”

Christina Sell

Hickory Ridge High School, North Carolina

Christina is a Social Studies and AP Capstone teacher at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, NC. This is her third year as a SAVE Promise Club Advisor. She feels inspired by her students, their passion for creating a positive school community, being inclusive, and having concern for humanity. She hopes to find new ways for her school to come together and create a school climate centered around inclusion, safety, and kindness.

Mary Smuniewski

Jonathan Law High School, Connecticut

Mary is a 7th year English teacher and this is her third year as the advisor of the Natural Helpers club, a peers-helping-peers social outreach group. “We call ourselves the ‘internal helping network’ of Jonathan Law.”

She finds students’ “Why” stories are particularly powerful reminders that building a strong school climate of safety, and trust is important! Mary and her co-advisor Deb are thrilled to work alongside SAVE Promise Clubs today to help pave the way for a brighter and safer tomorrow.

La-Shanda West

Cutler Bay Senior High School, Florida 

La-Shanda is a Social Studies teacher at Cutler Bay Senior High School in Cutler Bay, FL. She began as a SAVE Promise Club Advisor in 2018 following the tragic shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. Learning from her mom’s resilience after being affected by gun violence when she was a child, she is determined to provide youth a platform to let their voice be heard in the campaign for safe spaces in schools.

SAVE Promise Club creates lasting change that leads to safer schools and communities. Join your local Club or start one today!