Sandy Hook Dad Mark Barden on Maine's Background Check Initiative, Question 3




Nearly 4 years ago, our 7-year-old son Daniel was taken from our family. This kindhearted, freckle-faced boy was killed in his first-grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary along with 19 other children.

The horrific events of December 14th 2012 have changed our lives forever. I have now committed the rest of my life to finding ways to spare other families from living this pain. We have made some progress, but there is still much to do and we need your help.

Right now in Maine, felons, domestic abusers, and the most dangerous people can easily and anonymously buy guns from unlicensed sellers. No background check is required. Police from neighboring states routinely recover guns used in crimes that were purchased in states, like Maine, were this loophole exists.

This Tuesday, voters in Maine, have a chance to close these dangerous loopholes and take a simple step to help protect our kids and families from gun violence.

I am proud to support Question 3 on Maine’s ballot, and I am urging all the fathers, mothers, and concerned citizens in Maine to vote yes on Question 3 to require background checks for all gun sales in Maine.

Background checks take only a few minutes to complete. Since the background check system was started, it has blocked more than two million sales of guns to dangerous people.

In states that have background checks on all gun sales, almost 50% fewer women are killed by their partners and 50% fewer police officers are killed on duty. Background checks work, and I think Maine voters will agree that we should let them work for Maine.

I know that no single law can stop all gun violence and nothing will bring our sweet, little Daniel back. But we have a responsibility to our kids and our communities to start somewhere.

Please vote yes on Question 3 this Tuesday.