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During the week of Mar. 2 - 6, 2020, thousands of schools and youth organizations from across the United States will participate in National Say Something Week. Say Something Week raises awareness and educates students and the community through training, advertising, public proclamations, contests and school awards. Say Something Week reinforces the power young people have to prevent tragedies and save lives when they Say Something to a trusted adult.

We encourage all schools who have implemented the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System to participate in the Say Something Call to Action Week on Mar. 2 - 6, 2020. Please register your school and have your SAVE Promise Club or other interested students lead activities that remind students to say something when they see warning signs from their peers.

Register for Say Something Week

What is Say Something?

Did you know that when it comes to threats of violence or suicide, most are known by at least one other person BEFORE the incident takes place? Imagine how much tragedy could be averted if these individuals said something?

Say Something teaches students, grades 6-12, how to look for warning signs, signals and threats, especially on social media, from a peer who might be planning to hurt themselves or someone else and to say something to a trusted adult to get help and save a life.

How does Say Something work?

Say Something is a no-cost, easy-to-implement, life-saving program that can be delivered digitally, in the classroom or through assemblies. The initial presentation takes 45 minutes or less and the program offers a wide range of activities to ensure sustainability and integration into the school culture year-round through SAVE Promise Clubs.

If you plan to order Say Something materials from the Sandy Hook Promise Store (e.g., wristbands and/or t-shirts), please place your order now. Demand for these items is high and, to ensure delivery before Say Something Week, we recommend ordering as early as possible.

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