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Facebook Introduces Policy to Help Protect Children from Guns

Today, Facebook announced an initiative that will block children from viewing firearms sales ads, inform users of legal and responsible approaches to gun transactions, and help enforce the law by deleting posts that encourage no-background check or illegal sales.

We were pleased to work with Facebook to develop a new set of policies that protects the safety of its users, educates its users about lawful and responsible firearms transactions, and helps prevent illegal activity from occurring.

Advancing the Conversation on Gun Safety in New Hampshire

Last month, Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden traveled to New Hampshire to advocate for legislation that would require criminal background checks for all commercial sales and transfers, preventing dangerous criminals from purchasing firearms online and at gun shows.

In a positive shift, the bill made it out of committee and to the floor for a full house vote. While the New Hampshire House ultimately failed to pass this bill, this represents a major advance in the conversation on gun safety in New Hampshire.

We're disappointed by this setback, but very encouraged by the incredible volume of our supporters' voices dedicated to protecting our communities.

We will continue to work side by side with Granite State Progress, New Castle Promise and the New Hampshire legislature to close the background check loophole and help protect the people of New Hampshire and neighboring states.

Federal Court Upholds Connecticut Gun Laws

We applaud Judge Covello's ruling, which we believe was CORRECT in upholding the Connecticut law that both protects the 2nd Amendment Rights of our citizens and protects our children from gun violence.

A Year of Promise

Last January 14, just one month after the shocking and tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary that devastated our community, we announced the formation of Sandy Hook Promise. It has been a long and difficult year, but despite Washington's inaction, we feel proud of the work our supporters have helped us achieve in building a lasting organization capable of achieving success in our communities.

We've led efforts to pass new mental health legislation in Connecticut and to strengthen responsible gun legislation not only in our home state, but also in Delaware, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states. At the federal level, we're working to advance mental health care and continuing to push for common sense solutions like background checks.

But more importantly, we're working person-by-person, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, on changes we can all make within our own communities – like helping children and young adults feel more connected.

Today, we celebrate that work and invite you to do the same by reading the timeline below. You are part of this process, and we can't do it without you. Tomorrow, we roll up our sleeves again and get back to work. Thank you.

Show Your Promise on Facebook and Twitter

On December 14, 2012, Nicole Hockley’s world turned upside down. Her son Dylan was one of 20 children and 6 educators murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She joined with others in the community to create Sandy Hook Promise to make change. The symbol of that change is the tree that continues to grow, with leaves representing all those we lost.

Right now, we at Sandy Hook Promise are all changing our Facebook profile pictures to this image of the Promise tree to show the world that on 12/14 we all stand together to prevent gun violence.

Will you join us and do the same?

How to show your Promise on Facebook

  1. Download this image to your computer

  2. Hover over your Facebook profile picture
  3. Click "Edit Profile Picture"
  4. Click "Upload photo"
  5. Select the image you just downloaded
  6. Click "Open"

How to show your Promise on Twitter

  1. Download this image to your computer

  2. Click the "Edit profile" button on your timeline
  3. Click on your photo
  4. Click "Upload photo"
  5. Select the image you just downloaded
  6. Click "Open"
  7. Click "Apply"
  8. Click "Save Changes"

Parent Together News

One month ago, Sandy Hook Promise unveiled our Parent Together initiative on Good Morning America. Since then, millions of people have heard our Parent Together message and celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Alyssa Milano, Sofia Vergara, Ed O'Neill and more have made the Promise to Parent Together. Countless media outlets have written about our efforts to build a community of people who put children first.

Recently, Nicole Hockley, David Wheeler, Mark and Jackie Barden, parents to Dylan, Ben, and Daniel, who were killed one year ago tomorrow at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and Bill Sherlach, whose wife Mary Sherlach was one of the six educators killed, sat down to talk about their loss and their work with Sandy Hook Promise to build a safer world for all children.

Sandy Hook Promise Parents Tell Their Stories

On the eve of the one-year mark since the mass shooting tragedy that rocked the nation and forever changed the community of Newtown, today Sandy Hook Promise released digital content to bring the personal story of three families directly to online audiences and share a powerful message of inclusion and love in the face of heartbreaking loss.

Parent Together Launches on Good Morning America

Today, we kicked off our Parent Together campaign on "Good Morning America." Watch the video to learn more about how you can help prevent gun violence in our communities and our country.

Sandy Hook Promise Launches 'Parent Together' As Tragedy's One Year Mark Approaches

Sandy Hook Promise today announced the launch of Parent Together, a national grassroots campaign to educate and empower parents to prevent gun violence in their communities. Emphasizing mental wellness, connection to community and gun safety, the campaign will bring parents together around their common love for all children to help prevent not just the next Sandy Hook tragedy, but also thousands of other acts of gun violence every year.

The campaign launches November 14, 2013, one month before the one-year mark of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, in an effort to ensure that Sandy Hook is remembered as a place where real and lasting transformation began.

New Federal Mental Health Parity Rule

Sandy Hook Promise parent and Mental Health and Relational Wellness Director Nelba Marquez-Greene today issued the following statement in praise of a new final federal rule that provides greater parity for mental health services covered under group and individual health plans by placing them on the same level as traditional medical and surgical benefit coverage.

"This is a critical step, long in coming, to making mental health care accessible to those who need it. That benefits everyone in our nation. In addition to recognizing the importance of mental health care to millions of Americans, increasing access to treatment will help remove the stigma of seeking treatment," said Marquez-Greene, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.