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Elvin Daniel Asks Senate To Protect Women From Gun Violence

"You have the power to pass the laws that we need to keep our sisters and mothers and daughters safe."

Measures To Keep Guns From Domestic Abusers Sees Bipartisan Support

A majority of voters -- both Republicans and Democrats -- support measures that keep guns out of the hands of convicted stalkers and domestic abusers.

One Day Of Gun Violence

An average of 291 Americans are shot and 87 are killed by gun violence EVERY DAY. You may have seen these stats before, but this will make you think of our country's gun violence epidemic in a whole new way.

Nicole Hockley Speaks To WNPR About Governor Christie's Refusal To Meet

"It requires thoughtful conversation. It requires listening to each other. And that means your own point of view as well as listening to others' points of view. You might not agree at the end of the day, but that's okay. You are one step closer to finding common ground."

70% Of California Children With Mental Health Needs Don't Get Treatment

3 out of 4 California children with mental health needs don't get treatment, according to a UCLA study.

Why Do We Support 'Promoting Healthy Minds'?

LESS THAN HALF of all children and adults with diagnosable mental health issues receive the treatment they need. That's why we support the Promoting Healthy Minds for Safer Communities Act.

Identifying and Treating Toxic Stress

“We need to think more carefully about screening for trauma and designing a more trauma-informed treatment plan,” says Dr. Nicole Brown.

Join Us For the Second Annual Newtown Yoga Festival

JOIN US for the Second Annual Newtown Yoga Festival on Saturday August 23 from 9am-4pm at the NYA Sports and Fitness Center for a day designed to promote wellbeing, health, and connectedness. 

Why Is Safe Storage So Important?

About 1/3 of all Americans with children under 18 have a gun in the household. 

We're On Crowdrise!

Are you interested in holding a personal fundraiser to help put an end to gun violence?