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John Koch: An Open Letter To Governor Christie

Dear Governor Christie:

I'm writing you in the hope that you will reconsider meeting with Nicole Hockley, a mother whose bright-eyed, beautiful son Dylan was one of the 20 first-graders systematically shot to death at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Shootings Across Chicago Injured More Than 60 People Over The Holiday Weekend

IS THIS THE AMERICA WE WANT FOR OUR KIDS? A spate of shootings in Chicago this Fourth of July weekend left nine people dead and more than 60 wounded.

92% Support Background Checks

When it comes to politics, it's hard to get 92% of Americans to agree on anything. 

A Blow To The Memories Of Our Children

"Trivial." That's what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called a common sense bill limiting ammunition magazines to ten rounds – a change we know would have saved more lives at Sandy Hook Elementary, possibly even the lives of our own children. Yesterday, Christie removed the provision from a gun violence prevention bill an hour after we delivered over 55,000 signatures to his office from supporters like you in favor of this crucial measure and after he repeatedly refused to meet with us.

Our Kids' Lives Are Not Trivial

Governor Chris Christie just vetoed a life-saving bill to reduce the permitted size of ammunition magazines in New Jersey. He called it "trivial."

Sandy Hook Parents To Chris Christie: Our Kids' Lives Are Not Trivial

Sandy Hook families were in New Jersey today to personally deliver to Governor Chris Christie a petition backed by over 55,000 supporters of A2006, legislation that would have reduced the permitted size of gun ammunition magazines in the state of New Jersey from 15 rounds down to 10. 

Why Can't We Have An Honest Conversation About Gun Safety?

Dick Metcalf published a column in Guns & Ammo magazine last year suggesting that guns can be regulated without infringing on gun owners' rights. He lost his job within three days.

I Will Listen

"Mary listened, and now I will listen."

Obama's Most Disappointing Moment With Congress? Background Checks.

“If we’re going to do something nationally, then we’re going to have to mobilize ordinary folks, moms, dads, families, responsible gun owners, law enforcement and they’re going to have to get organized and be able to counter the pressure that is coming from the other side in a sustained way."

Federal Judge Upholds Colorado Gun Laws

"Evidence shows that large-capacity magazines are frequently used in gun violence and mass shootings, and that often a shooter will shoot continuously until a weapon jams or the shooter runs out of ammunition."