New Programs and Virtual Learning Options Address Changing Needs

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As if the new school year wasn’t stressful enough, the pandemic has created a ripple effect of mental health issues. Youth suicide is becoming a public health crisis. And more kids than ever are experiencing anxiety, depression, isolation, and abuse.

To meet these new challenges, Sandy Hook Promise has created several new offerings to address rising rates of youth suicide and other acts of violence. We’ve also upgraded our existing programs to provide live, virtual learning opportunities to make sure our programs are accessible to everyone. 

Say Something: Prevent Suicide

Suicide has been increasing at alarming rates. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth under 21, according to the Centers for Disease Control. At least one in four children have considered taking their own life. 

Prevent Suicide expands on the core Say Something program to teach the warnings signs and risk factors specific to suicide. It’s the first of its kind program that offers training and resources specifically tailored for educators, parents, and students.  It includes a video training, worksheet, and Resource Guide. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, a school-based setting is required for student training. Adult training can be done remotely via video.

Say Something: Trusted Adult Workshop

The new Trusted Adult workshop is a one-hour interactive workshop that can help educators, parents, and community leaders better support students who speak up about seeing warning signs of self-harm, violence, and victimization. 

The interactive workshop can be facilitated in-person by faculty, staff, or youth leaders and includes a PowerPoint presentation, workbook, and Facilitator’s Guide. It can also be done remotely via a 26-minute video training. 

Start With Hello: Middle and High School

Our award-winning Start With Hello program has been upgraded to include a new age-appropriate version specifically designed to teach students in grades 6-12 how to help build a more socially-inclusive school community.  

Distance Learning 

In addition to making our core Say Something program now teachable virtually. It also includes an emphasis on warning signs relevant for learning at home and strategies for reaching out to a trusted adult while remote learning.

For more information on these programs and more, check out our Learning Center. You can easily register and download videos, materials, activities, and other resources to get started.