Promise Leader Volunteer Details


As an official Sandy Hook Promise volunteer, Promise Leaders commit to at least three actions per year. Options can be chosen from four main action areas: Building Awareness, Program Promotion, Advocacy and Fundraising. We will provide you with talking points, templates and resources.

Below are specific action Promise Leaders can take:

Building Awareness

Promise Leaders are crucial to building community awareness with activities like ...

  • Representing Sandy Hook Promise at a local community event and showcasing our programs (1-2 hours)
  • Writing to a local news publication to explain the impact of our programs (30 min)
  • Meeting up with some friends and family to have a conversation about school safety and what we can all do to prevent gun violence (1-3 hours)

There are so many ways you can help others understand the Sandy Hook Promise mission and the impact of our Know the Signs programs. We will provide you with talking points, templates and resources.


Program Promotion

Promise Leaders can help school districts and community members learn how to implement the no-cost Know the Signs programs, which teach youth how to be more socially inclusive and connected to each other, as well as how to recognize the signs and signals of someone who may be thinking of harming themselves or someone else and tell a trusted adult to get that person the help they need. Promise Leaders can do this by:

  • Customizing a template letter for a school or youth organization (30 min)
  • Sending a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper or online publication (30 min)
  • Hosting a community conversation (1-3 hours)

Once your school registers, Sandy Hook Promise will provide all the materials for the training and community outreach.



Promise Leaders can let their voices be heard by advocating alongside Sandy Hook Promise for sensible gun violence prevention policies.  Whether it’s calling your state representative or emailing your U.S. senator, we can work together with our Action Fund / Policy team to bring about effective change that will protect your community by:

  • Sending a letter template to your elected officials (30 min)
  • Joining rallies, statehouse days or other policy-based community events (1-3 hours)
  • Calling your elected officials while using a call script and directives from the Policy Team (15 min)

Collectively, your calls, letters and presence at statehouse days or rallies makes an impact!



Promise Leaders can support the mission of providing the Know the Signs programming at no cost to all schools and youth organizations by organizing fundraising initiatives:

  • Raising money through a Facebook Birthday fundraiser (15 min)
  • Asking your employer to match your donation through a company match program (30 min)
  • Hosting an at-home or online product party (1-4 hours)
  • Encouraging your kids to get involved by setting up a lemonade stand or bake sale (1-2 hours)
  • Raising money and donating volunteer hours to SHP through your company’s Volunteer Grant Program (1-8 hours)

Every dollar helps SHP develop and implement programming that will work to create safer schools!


You’ll receive monthly updates including:

  • A text message with three action options
  • A report-back text message: "yes or no” on whether you took action during that specific month
  • An email newsletter


Why I Volunteer

I am a Promise Leader because I want to honor those who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School. And to me, honoring them is making a commitment to do everything within my capability to take actions that will help prevent violence. I am proud to be a part of Sandy Hook Promise, whose members are doing such important work towards violence prevention.

Gayle O., CT

The impact of being a Promise Leader cannot be overemphasized. It has impacted me personally, but my campus and community as well. I became a Promise Leader after I helped bring SHP programs to my campus. Then, I realized that I could broaden the impact of the SHP message by not just being involved in the programs in my town, but also in my state. I honestly feel that by being a Promise Leader I have had an active role in making my community and state safer from gun violence.

Sara T., TX

Hosting a jewelry party with proceeds going to SHP and doing a social media fundraising challenge was so much easier than I thought it would be! I saw that my efforts and contributions helped Sandy Hook Promise spread their message and programs. Being a Promise Leader means that I can contribute in my own ways and have an impact on something bigger that is working to keep all our kids safe – physically and mentally. 

Mandy W., MD