Say Something Resources

No-cost, downloadable tools that teach students, grades 6-12, how to look for warning signs, signals and threats, especially in social media, from an individual who may be threatening to hurt themselves or others and to Say Something to a trusted adult are available to assist you in delivering the Say Something program to your school or youth organization.

Say Something Educators Guide

This easy-to-use guide is designed to assist adult educators in delivering the Say Something program. It includes tips for getting started; key messages and action steps to emphasize in the classroom or at an assembly; and ideas, activities and resources for supporting young people in carrying out Say Something throughout the year.

Say Something Student Guide

This easy-to-use guide is designed to assist youth ambassador or peer leaders in delivering the Say Something program. It includes tips for getting started; key action steps and messages to emphasize; and ideas, activities and resources that young people can do throughout the year to carry Say Something forward.

Say Something Community Organizing Guide

This easy-to-use guide is designed for community organizations and leaders. By providing this guide, we aim to continue the conversation beyond school to reach youth and connect with them where they are.

Say Something Parent Brochure

The Say Something Parent Resource Guide is a tool that parents and caretakers can use – and that schools and youth organizations can give to parents – to help continue the Say Something conversation at home. Also available in Spanish.

Say Something PowerPoint Presentation

The Say Something PowerPoint Presentation accompanies the Educators and Student guides. In most cases, the Say Something presentation can be completed in 20-40 minutes.

Say Something Examples

Real examples of when Say Something worked. This handout can be used to share Say Something success stories with students during the Say Something program and correlates to page 23 of the Educators Guide.

Say Something Poster

Download the Say Something poster (11x17 or 18x24) to use in your Say Something activities.

Say Something Video

The Say Something video accompanies the PowerPoint Presentation. It's also available with English subtitles and Spanish subtitles.

Say Something Sustainability Check-list

A few simple and easy to implement steps to assure that the key messages and practices of Say Something are reinforced and sustained throughout the year.

Promise Club Success Stories and Calendar

A Promise Club is made up of a designated adult champion(s) and youth leaders. A Promise Club can be a unique, stand-alone club or embedded into an existing student club, such as SADD, Student Council, or another student leadership, civic or kindness club.

Say Something Promotional Video

This short, three-minute video is designed to help promote Say Something and educate others about Say Something. It can be shared with school staff, parents, students and community members.