Why Is It Never the "Right Time" to Talk About Gun Violence?


When is it the right time to start talking about gun violence prevention? And does the distinction of “mass killing” even matter when it comes to talking about the loss of life? This article raises a lot of interesting questions. What’s your take?

Read more here: http://wapo.st/1ggxQ0r

Today is International #FriendshipDay

In honor of #‎FriendshipDay, watch this heartfelt video of how a group of boys took a stand against bullying. Everyone needs a friendly face sometimes. Take some time today to reach out to someone who may need a friend!

For more information on the UN International Day of Friendship, go to http://www.un.org/en/events/friendshipday/.

10 Things to Know About Minority Mental Health

As #‎MinorityMentalHealth Month comes to an end, let’s use this time to educate ourselves and spread awareness.

Here are 10 things you should know about Minority Mental Health: http://bit.ly/1HDkAJX 

“We need to be worried. We need to get involved.”


“We need to be worried. We need to get involved.”
Gun violence doesn’t discriminate. Read this powerful piece by the mother of an Aurora shooting victim on why we need to take action now.



Two brave women proved once again that #‎TeachersAreHeroes. After shielding each other from bullets, two teachers managed to pull the fire alarm and save lives in the #‎Lafayette theater.

Watch more here: http://on.today.com/1LHxcV4

Our Hearts are With Lafayette


Our hearts break for #‎Lafayette. But broken hearts do not make change. http://bit.ly/1SFXBTE 

Let’s honor victims Mayci and Jillian by doing more than sending thoughts and prayers. Make the Promise and help us prevent gun violence in this country: http://bit.ly/N8tklV 

"What Cars can Teach Us About Guns"


Thanks to in-depth research, motor vehicle deaths have been reduced by half. Why shouldn’t we take the same approach when it comes to reducing gun violence? Read more: http://huff.to/1Laa4Qy

Sandy Hook Promise Champion Pat Toomey


Sandy Hook Promise Champion Senator Pat Toomey has devoted his career to preventing gun violence through legislation. A firm believer of the Second Amendment, Toomey advocates stronger background checks to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands.

We were honored to show our support for Toomey at our gala last month. Learn more about his work here: http://1.usa.gov/1IWj9uy

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