Mahoning County, OH Declares "No One Eats Alone Month"!

Thanks so much to Mahoning County, Ohio! They declared February No One Eats Alone MONTH!

The student-led initiative encourages students to make sure everyone at school has someone to sit with a lunch, play with at recess or in gym class, and partner with for projects, among other activities.

You can sign up your school for No One Eats Alone at and you can check out 15 ways to end social isolation in schools at… 

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"I should be able to go to school without fearing for my life."

"I should be able to go to school without fearing for my life, and I hardly think that's too much to ask."

That's the message from Abby Javernick, a junior at Lakewood High School in Colorado. She wrote to the Denver Post to shine some light on an often overlooked perspective: the one of the students taking part in lock-downs.

She worries for her future, gets anxiety when the intercom clicks, and wonders why after the 6 major shootings in Colorado in her lifetime and in the 15 years since Columbine no one has made any lasting changes. When we will start listening?

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Smart Guns Save Lives, but Where Are They?

"Doesn’t it seem odd that your cellphone can be set up to require a PIN or a fingerprint, but there’s no such option for a gun?"

After the 2012 shooting in Aurora, CO, seventeen year old Kai Kloepfe engineered a smart-gun that can only be fired when it recognizes the fingerprint on the trigger. This would save countless lives by keeping children, as well as thieves, from firing guns - an important point in a country where 150,000 guns are stolen annually.

We know that smart guns can save lives, so where are they? Read more HERE to understand why access to smart guns is so difficult and why there is so much opposition to making a safer gun.


Why is the CDC Not Conducting Gun Violence Prevention Research?

Two years ago last week, President Obama ordered the CDC to resume research on the causes of gun violence. So why are they avoiding doing that research?

According to a CDC representative, their resources are too limited which has truth to it. Congress continuously denies bills that would increase funding for the CDC and in 1996, a republican Congressman stripped $2.6 million from the CDC's budget, which happened to be the same amount they had spent on gun violence prevention the year before. Funding for firearm injury prevention continued to fall 96%, down to $100,000, between 1996 and 2013.

There is some hope, however, as private foundations and other federal agencies may help to pick up a bit of the slack after President Obama's executive order. But, as a Duke University psychiatry professor said, it's difficult to match the legitimacy of a CDC report.

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SHP Trained 25 People in Mental Health First Aid in Lorain, Ohio

On Friday, members of SHP were in Lorain, Ohio training 25 counselors, youth workers and school safety officers on Mental Health First Aid, a program to help identify the signs of mental health disorders and assist kids in getting help.

Early identification and intervention are critical in providing help and preventing potential violence.

You can find out more & download the action guides for Mental Health First Aid and Know the Signs at


Thank You, Governor Rick Snyder!

Thank you, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder! Governor Snyder VETOED SB 789 that would have allowed some with restraining orders taken out against them to carry concealed weapons.

Snyder said, "We simply can't and won't take the chance of exposing domestic abuse victims to additional violence or intimidation." Share this post to show your thanks to Governor Snyder for vetoing a dangerous bill and working to #ProtectAllWomen in Michigan!

15 Things You Can Do TODAY to End Social Isolation in Your Community

Each of us plays an important role in shaping safe communities for ourselves and our children. Wherever you are – home, community or school – here are things that you can start doing TODAY to end social isolation in your community and help all kids feel respected, safe and included.

CDC Report Forecasts More Americans to Die from Guns than Cars in 2015

A new CDC report estimates that more Americans will die in 2015 from guns than from car accidents. Guns already cause more deaths than cars in 13 states, including Washington, California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Alaska.

The authors of the report said, "Further research on the nature and prevention of firearm violence is sorely needed and evidence-based interventions may lead to substantial reductions in death and disability from this important public health problem".

This headline should not be. We can all take steps to reduce gun violence, to prevent suicides and accidental shootings, and we must start now.

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