Start With Hello

Teaching empathy and empowering students to end social isolation by following three easy steps.

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As someone who cares deeply about children, you may know social isolation is a very real epidemic. It can cause kids to pull away and, in serious situations, even hurt themselves or others. Start With Hello is one of Sandy Hook Promise’s no-cost Know the Signs programs and teaches students to be more socially inclusive and connected to each other. With activities and curricula available for all ages, students are empowered to end social isolation in three easy steps.

From an Educator

See Someone Alone

Step 1: Learn how to recognize the signs of loneliness and social isolation.

Reach Out And Help

Step 2: Find out what you can do to help others feel included.

Start With Hello

Step 3: Discover how to break the ice and strike up a conversation.

Grades K-5

Start With Hello Elementary is a digital program that includes an interactive storybook, videos, activities and projects. You’ll also receive an educators’ guide with lesson plans based on social-emotional learning to help students build empathy, healthy relationships, and social awareness.


Grades 6-12

Start With Hello Middle and High School is an age-appropriate version of the award-winning program that teaches empathy to empower students to end social isolation. Includes a video training for students, an Educators’ Guide, and a handbook to help schools build and reinforce a culture of inclusion. Can be done remotely, virtual-live, or in-person.

Most students who committed deadly school attacks were badly bullied.

Start With Hello Builds A Culture Of Inclusivity And Empathy

The Start With Hello Program Works

Bullying Reduced

Schools report reductions in bullying and other harmful behaviors

Connections Increased

Educator feedback indicates increased emotional wellness of students

7M+ trained

More than 7 million students and educators have participated

45 Minutes

One classroom period is all it takes to kick off Start With Hello

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