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Monsters Under the Bed

Today we're proud to launch 'Monsters Under the Bed', a powerful new video that explores some of the amazing things parents do to protect their children. A must watch for all parents, because together, we can #ProtectOurKids from gun violence.

In Kansas, It's Not Illegal to Have a Firearm Within Access of a Child

A lapse in Kansas law was discovered this January by a single dad named Theodore Redick. After his 6 year old son came back from a visit to his mother's home, he told his father that he had seen a gun on his mother's dresser. When Mr. Redick called the...

Members of One Erie Community are Calling for More Parent Engagement

Community members in Erie, PA are encouraging increased parent involvement in order to reduce gun violence in their city. Neighbors and members of the Clergy are speaking out, asking mothers and fathers to reach out to their kids and stop violence before it can start. We applaud this community for...

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