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Monsters Under the Bed

Today we're proud to launch 'Monsters Under the Bed', a powerful new video that explores some of the amazing things parents do to protect their children. A must watch for all parents, because together, we can #ProtectOurKids from gun violence.

Two Brothers Find and Unsecured Gun in Their Minnesota Home

Two brothers, ages 13 and 15, found an unsecured gun in their home in Minnesota on Sunday. As the boys were playing "Cops & Robbers," the older brother fired the weapon, shooting the other in the chest. The younger brother later died of his injuries. During questioning, the police learned...

How Gun Violence Affects Women in Nevada

Recently, The Center for American Progress carried out an in depth study on Nevada and its gun laws and discovered that the gun murder rate for women in Nevada is 38.14% higher than the national average. In June of 2013, Governor Sandoval vetoed a bill passed by the legislature that...

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