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Monsters Under the Bed

Today we're proud to launch 'Monsters Under the Bed', a powerful new video that explores some of the amazing things parents do to protect their children. A must watch for all parents, because together, we can #ProtectOurKids from gun violence.

We Remember Alison Parker and Adam Ward

  With broken hearts, Sandy Hook Promise would like to send our deepest sympathy and condolences to everyone at WDBJ7 in Virginia after the horrific on-air shooting of 2 of their employees, Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Our thoughts are also with a 3rd victim who was shot and wounded...

Four Gun Laws have Drastically Reduced Suicide Rates

The lead author of a new study that found 4 gun laws have had a major impact on firearm suicide rates said, "When you make a highly lethal method of suicide harder to access, you’re going to lower the suicide rate.” One example: In 11 states with waiting periods, a...

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