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2021 Save Promise Club Award Winners

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Join with us in celebrating the first-ever SAVE Promise Club award winners. We honor the hard work they did to create safe, inclusive school communities in an unprecedented year of challenges. 

Sandy Hook Promise is excited to recognize 36 Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Clubs from 14 States for outstanding work in creating safer and kinder schools. Each awardee receives recognition and $250 for their club activities.  

See our video mashup of incredible award submissions and read the full list of winners below.   

Awards Categories

Clubs receiving awards included elementary, middle, and high school clubs as well as community-based clubs. Awards presented include: Alex Orange Legacy Award, Social Media Award, Youth Empowerment Award, Youth Engagement Award, Youth Encouragement Award, Youth Education Award, Community Engagement Award, Service Project Award, Upstander Award, Inclusion Award, Promise Challenge Award, and the Advocacy Award.

Elementary Schools 

Youth Empowerment Award: Lakeside Elementary School, Pembroke Pines, Florida 

The Lakeside SAVE Club youth leaders are making Anti-racism work their top priority. These self-identified ‘Peacemakers’ are teaching peers the importance of being antiracist, how to lead courageous conversations, and advocate for others. 

Upstander Award: Lakeview Fundamental Elementary School, St. Petersburg, Florida 

It’s all about inclusion at Lakeview! All 3rd – 5th grade students were invited to join the SAVE Promise Club this year, and with 30 members it’s a Club of Upstanders! They also have their own SAVE Advisory Board. 

Overall Club Award: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Elementary School, Pinellas Park, Florida 

Not only did the SAVE Promise Club promote non-violence, antiracism, anti-bullying, kindness, respect, and tolerance during the pandemic, they also presented a breakout session at the virtual National SAVE Youth Summit!  Thank you courageous youth leaders for sharing your wisdom with other SAVE Promise clubs across the country this year. 

Service Project Award: San Jose Elementary School, Dunedin, Florida 

A Peanut Butter Challenge! The Club has collected over 1,000 jars of peanut butter and jelly to support Dunedin Cares organization. They’ve got community-wide support, including local organizations and the Mayor!

Inclusion Award: Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School, Florida 

What a clever inclusion idea! The SAVE Promise Club came up with the idea to assign a color of the month to help remind the school community about the importance of inclusivity and acceptance. Each month, students and staff were encouraged to wear the color, which was tied to a theme centered around friendships and acceptance.  

Youth Engagement Award: Youth Co-Op Charter School, Florida 

It was an all-out Stomp Out Bullying social media campaign and poster contest for Mental Health Awareness month. This SAVE Promise Club blended the Start With Hello and Say Something messages to share support for their peers. Go Tigers!

Youth Encouragement Award: Woodland Heights Elementary School, Mooresville, North Carolina 

Middle schoolers in the Woodland Heights community were going through a particularly difficult time with hybrid learning, so the elementary SAVE Promise Club partnered with the PTSO to organize a Spring celebration to bring some joy and a sense of unity to the middle school students. That’s the SAVE spirit! 

Community Involvement Award: Gwendolyn M. Miller Center, Woodland Terrace, Florida 

This community-based parks and recreation center has teamed up with other centers around the Tampa Bay community to spread awareness about SAVE Promise Club initiatives and to teach other students not to judge.   

Middle Schools 

Overall Club Award: Safety Harbor Middle School, Safety Harbor, Florida 

From a canned food drive to a special Say Something Video that was aired during the National Say Something Week Pep Rally, students at Safety Harbor Middle School were active in countless ways. How can you spot a SHMS SAVE Member? Look for a special SAVE mask, and a smile behind it! 

Service Project Award: Burnet Middle School, Burnet, Texas 

Burnet Middle School’s SAVE Promise Club held a successful book drive! Way to serve your community and spread the 4 E’s, Bulldogs! 

Advocacy Award: Nova Middle School, Davie, Florida 

The SAVE Promise Club a Nova Middle School (FL) created mock mediations for conflict situations and stood up to hate and violence with their Day Of Silence. Way to use your voice, Nova MS SAVE! 

Inclusion Award: Desert Ridge Academy, Indio, California 

Desert Ridge Academy formed their SAVE Promise Club in January. Right away, they took the lead in creating connections and reducing social isolation. From their Preferred Pronoun Initiative to their stigma-busting mental health messaging, their club reminded their distanced community that through it all, there is someone at school who cares. 

Social Media Award: North Marion Middle School Florida, Citra, Florida 

The halls and social walls of North Marion MS were filled with Say Something and Start With Hello messages, led by their SAVE Promise Club. Our favorite: “Breathe. Believe in You. There is Greatness inside of you. You Matter.”

Instagram: @nmmssaveclub
Twitter: @NMMSSaveClub
Facebook: NMMS SAVE Promise Club

Upstander Award: Forest Glen Middle School, Coral Springs, Florida 

“My SAVE Promise Club has made a huge difference in the school. Students feel comfortable coming to trusted adults about any potentially dangerous situations.” That’s what Say Something is all about! Way to go Forest Glen SAVE Promise Club! 

Youth Empowerment Award: Tantasqua Regional Jr. High, Fiskdale, Massachusetts 

Every month of the school year, the SAVE Promise Club at Tantasqua Regional JHS did something special for their school and community. Planting Kindness, making a paper heart decoration for each student, even a food truck for staff appreciation…Wow!

Youth Education Award: Madison Middle School, Trumbull, Connecticut 

The entirely youth-led and driven SAVE Promise Club at Madison MS took center stage to educate their peers about Start With Hello this year! Keep spreading kindness and awareness like you do, Panthers! 

Youth Engagement Award: Palos South Middle School, Palos Park, Illinois 

Palos South MS’s SAVE Promise Club reached out to fellow students in innovative ways this year, proclaiming “Our Cardinals Can’t Mask Our Excitement About Say Something Week”. Fist-bumps to you, Cardinals! 

Community Engagement Award: Walter C. Young Middle School, Pembroke Pines, Florida 

Way to support your community, Walter C Young MS SAVE Promise Club! The club focused on providing supplies in decorated care boxes for the homeless of Broward County, Florida. Go Knights! 

Youth Encouragement Award: M C S Noble Middle School, Wilmington, North Carolina 

The SAVE Promise Club at MCS Noble MS spread kindness and encouragement through great messages and visuals like their Positiv-I-Tree! 

Promise Challenge Award: Fort King Middle School, Ocala, Florida 

The SAVE Promise Club at Fort King MS rose to this year’s challenges with welcome bags and a kindness day for the school community. Great work, Fort King! 

High Schools 

Service Project Award: Biloxi High School, Biloxi, Mississippi 

The Biloxi High School SAVE Promise Club has a long history of being involved in Service Projects. This year was no different despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. They participated in Adopt a Grandparent Day, a School Wide food drive, Project Presents to distribute gifts to families over the Holidays and a Street Clean Up this spring. Great Job Biloxi! 

Promise Challenge Award: Brandon High School, Brandon, Mississippi 

Brandon High SAVE Promise Club pushed kindness this year. With “Be the I in Kindness” and “Kindness is my superpower” as part of their Start With Hello campaign. They also emphasized the importance of being an Upstander and Say Something. Brandon High School SAVE Promise Club truly representing two of the ideals of Sandy Hook Promise. Fantastic Work! 

Youth Engagement Award: Calexico High School, Calexico, California 

Calexico’s SAVE Club members have engaged the entire school community in special events such as a virtual pep rally, charity drives, and Happy Teachers Day.  They used Instagram as an effective engagement tool, as well,  posting campaigns to support Mental Health and Suicide Prevention weeks, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Say Something Week.   

Advocacy Award: California High School, San Ramon, California 

A primary focus for this Club was interrupting hate this year and serving as advocates for racial justice on campus. Student-led Courageous Conversations and forums are now regular events at Cal High to dismantle bias and racism. 

Youth Education Award: Canton High School, Canton, Connecticut 

This new Club conducted peer-to-peer education on Say Something program and used pre and post surveys to assess change in knowledge and skills.  Impressively, there was a nearly 30% increase in students reporting that they could identify warning signs to look for when it comes to someone at risk of harming themselves or others. They also ran a successful PPE drive for a local hospice care center. 

Community Engagement Award: Cutler Bay Senior High School, Cutler Bay, Florida 

Cutler Bay found creative ways to engage their student body and the community for Start With Hello and Say Something weeks. They especially shone bright through their suggested activities for 14 Days of Action leading up to the Sandy Hook Remembrance Day in December, finding ways to involve anyone in taking part. Great Job by the Tiger Sharks keeping everyone Engaged. 

Upstander Award: Del Norte High School, San Diego, California 

These empowered Upstanders at Del Norte held district-wide SAVE Promise Club meetings and have proven to be community Upstanders as they model important Start With Hello and Say Something messages to local middle school students!  Their Instagram page also demonstrates what Upstanders these SAVE student leaders are with tips and tools for mental health (@dnhssavepromise).   

Youth Engagement Award: Fort Frye High School, Beverly, Ohio 

Fort Frye SAVE student leaders use creative ways to capture and engage students in learning the warning signs of violence. The Club makes the school like a second home where students feel they can talk to anyone and get the help needed. They also want to make talking to a trusted adult easier and to help students feel connected with classmates that they may not usually talk to. 

Inclusion Award: High Point Regional High School, Sussex, New Jersey 

The student leaders at High Point Regional SAVE Promise Club designed, distributed and scored a well-being survey to the entire student body. They used these results to create projects that included antibullying campaigns, celebrations of Black History and Woman’s History, and to uplift the spirits of the entire student body. They’re already planning a mental health month for next year. Incredible work High Point Regional High SAVE Promise! 

Youth Encouragement Award: Hollins High School, Kenneth City, Florida 

Hollins High SAVE Promise Club was busy finding ways to encourage all of their students and staff to take part in events throughout the year.  They sponsored poster and essay contests, hosted school-wide virtual assemblies and found ways to encourage and reach every student. Hollins High SAVE Promise Club had something for everyone this year, super work! 

Social Media Award: Jared’s Heart of Success SAVE Promise Club, Lithonia, Georgia 

Jared’s Heart of Success is an incredibly active community-based club. They work with schools and other community groups to spread the messages of SAVE Promise Clubs. They amplify all of their great work through their outstanding use of their social media channels. Check them out on  

Instagram: @JaredsHeart
Twitter: @JaredsSuccess
Facebook: @jaredsheartofsuccess 

Way to use the power of your Virtual Voice, Jared’s Heart! 

Promise Challenge Award: Mukwonago High School, Mukwonago, Wisconsin 

Mukwonago spirit! These SAVE Promise Club leaders are part of a 14-year-old Club steeped in tradition. They’re will take on any challenge they’re faced with, including creating an opportunity to connect with the rival high school on the football field for a Safe Schools Week Stars event. They’ve hosted a Service Challenge Day and a pen pal program with the local elementary and middle school. This video is a testament to their creativity, too!

Alex Orange Award – Best Overall Club: North Broward Preparatory School, Coconut Creek, Florida 

The Feltingoff SAVE Promise Club at North Broward Prep does a phenomenal job celebrating all of Sandy Hook Promise’s call to action week’s, Start With HelloSay Something and National Youth Violence Prevention Week. They involve the entire student body in activities and connect with the broader community. They truly exemplify the ideals of SAVE and all 4 E’s by Engaging, Encouraging, Educating and Empowering students to participate in meaningful violence prevention activities.  Outstanding all year long Feltingoff SAVE Promise Club! 

Youth Encouragement Award: Stranahan High School, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Stranahan High works to include as many students in their programs as possible, using Peer to Peer Mentoring, Start With Hello Student Ambassadors and Mental Health Spirit Week. Always trying to help all students stay positive and connected. Awesome Work Stranahan High SAVE Promise Club! 

Community Engagement Award: Westmont Hilltop Jr./Sr. High School, Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

It was an all-out green out in Johnstown, Pennsylvania due to this ambitious SAVE Promise Club! Efforts included local steel mill workers adding Start with Hello stickers to their helmets, bank tellers decorating their drive-thru windows, other school districts wearing green to say “Hello” to one another, Even the Johnstown, PA historic bridge downtown lit up green to show support for Start With Hello! Read about it here

Youth Empowerment Award: Wyandotte High School, Kansas City, Kansas 

Enough is Enough! This is the new SAVE Promise Club initiative to work in solidarity with the school community to curb youth violence and advocate for suicide prevention. They meet regularly with the district office to express their concerns and share solutions. Seniors wore blue ribbons to honor this new Enough is Enough campaign and show that they are empowered to make a difference in their school and beyond.