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School Shooting and Bombing Threat Prevented by Student Upstanders

Three Seminole Middle School SAVE Promise Club students standing at a table promoting Say Something.

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At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, students at East Lake High School in Pinellas County, Florida saw a threatening message on Snapchat. A student posted about his intention to shoot and bomb his school. Other students who saw the message acted quickly.

They acted on the teachings of Sandy Hook Promise’s Say Something Anonymous Reporting System and immediately alerted the authorities. Importantly, they took action and potentially saved lives.

Violence Prevention Programs Work

Through the anonymous reporting system, students can call, text, or email in threats and concerns of violence they think may occur to themselves or others. Schools in Pinellas County are partnering with Sandy Hook Promise for the Know the Signs programs. Students and adults to recognize the warning signs and interrupt violence from occurring.

In almost every case of school violence, students have witnessed warning signs in advance of an incident. The Know the Signs program, including the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System, teaches what violence or self-harm can look like and when and how to tell a Trusted Adult.

By speaking up, students and Trusted Adult tipsters who have participated in the program have saved more than 360 lives. Unquestionably, their tips have averted countless acts of school violence. Their actions helped prevent planned school attacks like the one in Pinellas County, our 10th prevented school shooting.

Upstanders are Heroes in Safer School Culture

The East Lake High School students chose action over inaction. Moreover, this is an example of heroic students recognizing the warning signs. They took it seriously and acted immediately by telling Trusted Adults of their concern.

As the mother of Dylan, killed in the Sandy Hook Promise tragedy, Sandy Hook Promise co-founder and CEO Nicole Hockley couldn’t be prouder of these young Upstanders.

East Lake High School students saved the day. They decided to be Upstanders and warned their Trusted Adults about threats of violence. This is another example of the importance of violence prevention programs like the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System in preventing school shootings.

Nicole Hockley, co-founder and CEO of Sandy Hook Promise and mother of Dylan who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy

Anonymous Reporting Works

Over 2.9 million people have participated in the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System. With over 115,000 tips, there have been over 360 confirmed saved lives. Our crisis counsellors have help over 2,800 students during a mental health crisis.

Find out how you can bring a trusted violence prevention program to your school and community!