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Supporting Our Youth Today for a Better Tomorrow

Michelle Lund, a donor to Sandy Hook Promise, is seen standing before a park and mountain range.

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Empowering students to prevent violence in their schools and communities is what first attracted Michelle Lund to Sandy Hook Promise.

“When I first heard about the Know The Signs programs and how they can help students today, I knew I wanted to be involved,” said Lund, a philanthropist from Orange County California. “These are programs that should be in every school in America. Everyone should learn the warning signs of someone in danger of harming themselves or others. Sandy Hook Promise provides these tools and much more.”

Lund has been supporting Sandy Hook Promise for more than two years. She provides funding for the end of the year giving campaign through her From My Heart Foundation. Her generous support has allowed the Know The Signs programs, including Say Something and Start With Hello, to be available to hundreds of schools across the country at no cost.

My Heart Foundation

Lund’s foundation has been providing funding for dozens of youth-centered organizations for more than five years. These include those that focus on the educational needs of children. Providing a safe environment that’s free from the fear of violence is the first step to quality education.

“Children are just trying to find their place in the world, and it’s a lot harder today,” she said. “It takes a lot of guts for a kid who sees someone sitting alone to walk up and say ‘hello.’ But it makes everyone feel better about themselves. It’s incredibly powerful and can make all the difference. And Sandy Hook Promise empowers our youth to do just that. It’s something I want to be a part of.”

“It’s easy to see negativity in the world today, but when I look at the work of charities like Sandy Hook Promise, it gives me hope. I love seeing parents and educators also getting involved with the students. Sandy Hook Promise is the organization that can bring them all together.”

More than 12 million youth and adults nationwide have participated in Sandy Hook Promise’s proven Know the Signs programs. These programs teach how to identify at-risk behavior and intervene to get help before a tragedy can occur. Through these programs, Sandy Hook Promise has averted countless school shooting plots, teen suicides, and other acts of violence.

“All I ask is that, if you have the ability, please give,” Lund said. “Saving even one life makes it worth it. ”

How You Can Help

There are so many ways you can use your talents and treasures to protect children. Visit our Get Involved page and learn how you can make a difference.