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A Start With Hello Week Experience from Idaho

Treat others the way you want to be treated

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From a student in the Madison School District in Rexburg, Idaho:

This is my experience with the “Start with Hello” project.

What I thought would be an insignificant kindness has turned into something much larger.

Today in my class, we were going to be playing a review game. Thinking of the campaign I thought, “Hey, why not?” I decided that I wanted to be partners with someone different rather than the same person I pair up with.

As I was trying to find someone though, it seemed as if everyone had already found a partner. Turning to the individual I normally pair up with, I asked her if she wanted to be partners. She responded yes.

As we were about to begin, however, I noticed someone at the front of the class who was without a partner. Everyone else was paired up. This was a person who some would call ” kind of awkward.” I myself had never really talked with this person but that was all going to change. Without thinking, I said that this individual could be in our group for the game. When he joined I realized just how thankful I was that this individual was in our group.

If I had been the only one left I would have wanted someone to accept me into their group. I was able to get to know him better as we played the game and I felt the IMMENSE happiness that comes ONLY from serving someone else. I feel as if my love for others has grown tremendously. I’m soooo grateful for this experience. If I hadn’t asked him to be a part of our group I never would have found out what a great person he was and I wouldn’t be feeling this soaring happiness right now. 

As I continue in this week, I hope that I can still serve others and notice those who go unnoticed. I want to thank those people who came up with this campaign and gave me the opportunity to say “HELLO” and create new friendships and grow a greater depth of character. Thank you.