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What You Can Do Right Now to End Gun Violence

Sandy Hook Promise Supporters holding a "STOP VIOLENCE" sign. Gun violence is out of control in the U.S, but bipartisan gun safety progress is possible.

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When faced with facts like the U.S. is now averaging more than one mass shooting a day, we wonder where to find the hope, and if and how to continue the fight. The discouragement is palpable. The good news is there answers to what you can do to end gun violence. Read on to find an action that works for you.

Small actions can lead to big impact, and here’s the data to back it up. “When you know something works, you’re going to lean in and help expand that,” Nicole Hockley, co-founder and CEO of Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, says. “Our key message is that gun violence is preventable, and we have actions that every individual can take in their family, community, schools, and with politicians. Don’t back away. Be part of the solution.”

So, what’s next? Whether you’re overscheduled and only have time for a quick social post, or ready to dive in to writing your representatives or host events, it all makes an impact!

Gun violence prevention is not hopeless, and we are not helpless. Together, let’s lean in.

Quick Things You Can Do to Prevent Gun Violence

Even if you only have a few minutes a day, small actions add to the greater impact on gun violence prevention. It often starts right with your phone: Make your screen time count!

Make the Promise.

“I promise to do all I can to protect children from gun violence by encouraging and supporting solutions that create safer, healthier homes, schools and communities.”

Then, spread the word and encourage others to make the promise on social media, in email, and any other of your online communities.

Start a GoFundMe Campaign. This route also takes mere minutes. Enter your details and search for Sandy Hook Promise to steer funds toward preventing school shootings and bringing gun violence prevention programs to more communities.

Sign a Petition to Expand Background Checks. Every moment Congress delays critical action, more children are at risk of gun violence. Get more details, and sign the petition.

Become a Social Champion

Follow Us on Social Media. Sandy Hook Promise social feeds are one of your most useful tools to stay in-the-know and find out where you can jump in to help. Like, comment, and share to boost engagement and awareness around gun violence prevention. Every little bit helps keep the conversation going. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for more news and updates. Bonus quick activity: leave a review on Facebook and share why you care!

Avoid Online Debates. It’s a simple tip, but a vital social media one. It’s critical to not engage with social media hate from people who oppose gun violence prevention. Uplift your action by keeping it positive and focused with your shares, comments, and reviews.

Throw a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook. Help prevent future gun violence by asking your friends and family for their support on your birthday. It’s quick, and just a few clicks!

More Time? Become a Gun Violence Prevention Advocate

Whether it’s reading up on your local laws and regulations, or writing letters and getting involved in school, it’s a big step toward gun violence prevention.

Explore What Gun Safety Issues are Most Important to You. Whether it’s expanding background checks, or raising the age to purchase highly lethal weapons, it’s a lot to unpack. Get the facts and alert your reps on the issues important to you.

Demystify Your State and Community Measures. Find out what your government is doing about secure storage and other prevention methods. Has your state passed any laws? What programs need evaluation and attention?

Write a letter to the editor of your local news outlet. This sample letter can get you started.

Learn About Your School Policies. Connect with administration. How is your school working to prevent students from bringing guns to school? Know your school safety plan.

Help Bring Our Programs to Your School District. Write a letter to your school board or district to bring our research-based violence prevention programs to your district. Download our 4-step guide to getting started.

Start with Hello: where youth learn to notice and act when someone is socially isolated. Use this sample letter to send to school leadership.

Say Something: where youth learn to identify, intervene, and get help when someone is at risk of violence before a tragedy can occur. Student can also submit tips anonymously with our Say Something Anonymous Reporting System.

SAVE Promise Clubs: where youth are empowered to learn and lead their peers in violence prevention activities.

Hold a Friends and Family Letter-Writing Workshop. Create bigger movement and change together by inviting your circle to a virtual or in-person activity to write these letters!

Support Us in the New York City Marathon. Run, walk, wheel, or cheer, anyone can get in the marathoner spirit by joining the team.

Get Active with Your Local Community 

Leadership and teamwork skills are incredible skills in the build to end gun violence. Sound like you? Embrace and encourage activism with your neighbors and community leaders with events, fundraisers, and ideas big and small that all make a difference.

Partner with community groups. You are never alone in this movement for change. Identify other groups in your community who care about preventing violence and keeping students safe. Take action together.

Volunteer as a Promise Leader. As an official Sandy Hook Promise volunteer, you’ll help in areas of Building Awareness, Program Promotion, Advocacy, and Fundraising. We’ll give you everything you need to make it happen!

Host a Town Hall. Even your kids can participate at their schools.

Host a Movie Night. Screen our award-winning PSAs and/or our documentary for awareness and/or fundraising. Encourage conversation and connection.

Have a Garden Sale to Solicit Donations or Raise Awareness. Green is our favorite color, as trees are Sandy Hook Promise’s symbol of hope.

Remember: Every Positive Action Creates Impact. All your efforts and steps to learn, grow, and make change are opportunities for hope and support our mission to end gun violence for good. You can mail any proceeds to: Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, PO Box 3489, Newtown, CT 06470 or Donate Today.