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Promise Leader Community Building Exercise

PL Community

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Please write down every name you can think of under the below categories without stopping to determine if they would be interested in preventing gun related violence or to evaluate their personal or political beliefs. Our goal is to build community. By knowing members of your community – like those generated by this Promise Leader Exercise – you become one step closer to fostering the social cohesion so important in preventing gun violence.

When you’re done, keep this list handy as you begin to plan your Promise Leader outreach.

The Members of Your Family

  • Father and mother, grandparents
  • Children, brothers and sisters, cousins
  • Aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews
  • Significant other’s family

Those You Associate with Regularly

  • Friends and neighbors, co-workers, former co-workers
  • People who are retired, members of your church, Sunday school class, or place of worship
  • Members of your gym, yoga class, meditation group, book club, etc.
  • People who share your hobbies, sports, or extracurricular activities

Those You do Business With

  • Your child’s pediatrician, your primary care doctor
  • Attorneys
  • Dry cleaner, postal carrier, beautician, jeweler, waiter/waitress, maitre d’
  • Pet sitter, pet groomer, kennel and pet store employees, veterinarian
  • Your insurance agents: car / life / home / renter / medical / pet / boat / etc.
  • Financial consultant, debt consolidator, real estate agent/broker, Franchiser
  • Business / Office machine salespeople, car salespeople

Those Who Are Centers of Influence

  • Pastors, teachers, coaches, trainers, speakers, judges, people holding a public office
  • Business owners, consultants, entrepreneurs
  • Office managers, human resource directors, event organizers

List of Acquaintances Already Available

  • Christmas card list, address book, church directory, neighborhood directory
  • Planner, list of fellow and former employees
  • High school or college alumni lists, club and association lists

Those You Meet in Networking Organizations

  • Civics groups, Rotary, Exchange, Jaycees, Lodge, Elks, Moose, etc.
  • Political clubs, missionary societies, brotherhood groups
  • School groups, boosters, alumni, PTA, etc.
  • Chamber of Commerce, non-profits, homeowners association, etc.