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Know the Signs. Save Lives.

People who are at risk of hurting themselves or others often show warning signs before an act of violence takes place. Learn how to spot the signs and do something about it, safely.

Our Proven Programs Create Change That Leads To Safer Schools

Our Proven Programs Create Change That Leads To Safer Schools.

Research has proven that Sandy Hook Promise’s Know the Signs programs effectively teach youth and adults how to prevent school violence, shootings, and other harmful acts. Students and educators learn how to identify at-risk behaviors and intervene to get help. These early-prevention measures empower everyone to help keep schools and communities safe.

Each program offers 30 to 40 minutes of student training that can be delivered in-person or online. Our programs also align with Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies for Social-Emotional Learning including relationship skills, social awareness, responsible decision-making and self-awareness. All training and resource materials (lesson plans, activities, games, and discussion guides etc) are provided at no cost and are accessible on-demand via Sandy Hook Promise’s Learning Center.

Start With Hello Program

Start With Hello (Grades K-12)

Teach children and youth how to minimize social isolation, empathize with others, and create a more inclusive and connected school culture.

Say Something Program

Say Something (Grades K-12)

Train students to look for warning signs and threats – especially on social media – of someone at risk of hurting themselves or others, and how to speak up to a trusted adult before a tragedy can occur.

Say Something Anonymous Reporting System

Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (Grades 6-12)

Builds on the core Say Something program with an anonymous reporting system via a downloadable app, telephone hotline, and website that students can use to report an issue when they see a classmate who is at risk of harming themselves or others. Additional training for school district personnel and local law enforcement are required for this program.

SAVE Promise Club

SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Promise Club

Encourage youth to take charge of keeping schools safe by teaching, modeling, and continually reinforcing the key messages of Start with Hello and Say Something. Each student-led SAVE Promise Club receives tools and resources to plan events, activities, and projects that promote kindness, inclusiveness, and the value of looking out for one another.

21M+ participants

Know the Signs trainings

24,000+ Schools

Schools and Organizations have Participated Nationwide


4,500+ Youth clubs

SAVE Promise Clubs Led By Youth Across 49 States

226,000+ tips

Upstanders Anonymously Reporting Violence And Bullying

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Sandy Hook Promise strives to ensure its work environment, programmatic work, and culture reflect the values of race, equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI).

Sandy Hook Promise Is A Recognized top rated nonprofit Organization

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Sandy Hook Promise Is A Recognized top rated nonprofit Organization

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