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Online Virtual Learning for Bullying, Violence and Suicide Prevention

The Sandy Hook Promise Learning Center is a free online learning management system for our award-winning Start With Hello and Say Something programs. You’ll find on-demand video trainings, violence prevention and anti-bullying curriculum, lesson plans and learning tools. It’s an easy to use, one-stop-shop for Know the Signs resources.  

The online courses were designed by educators with decades of experience in curriculum development, leveraging programs informed by research. The Learning Center includes full training videos, interactive lessons, school safety lesson plans, and a searchable digital library of resources. 

Get started on our Learning Center. 

Educator using computer to access the learning center portal.

What’s Available on the Learning Center?

Educators, parents, students and community members can get training and resources anywhere you can access the internet. Asynchronous training is available from your phone, tablet or desktop. For synchronous trainings, you can use it in your class on campus, share via Google Classroom.

Training segments and online courses are on demand so you can use them any time. You and your fellow educators will get resources to support:

  • Distance learning about violence prevention
  • Online social emotional learning
  • Virtual training for school shooting prevention
  • School safety lesson plans
  • Violence prevention worksheets for schools

We also have call to action weeks, live events and pep rallies supporting the programs. Subscribe to our Educator Newsletter to learn about opportunities to connect, share best practices and reinforce learnings.

Students in auditorium getting trained on Sandy Hook Promises's programs

Learning Center Features

  • A fresh design that allows users to learn about the programs before registering
  • A digital library that allows users to easily find and access materials and resources
  • Short videos that explain how to implement each program
  • A streamlined process for Say Something-Anonymous Reporting System and Safe2Say Something schools to access the training videos
  • Built-in process to collect feedback from schools about the training videos and resources
  • Options for educators to track student activity within the site
  • Materials available in Spanish, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese and Portuguese

Is the Learning Center Easy to Use?

Yes! You can register as an educator or parent. All you need is an email address. It’s 100% free to you, thanks to the generosity of Sandy Hook Promise supporters. The site is fully accessible and compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). And if internet access is an issue in your community, many of the resources can be downloaded and implemented by an educator without access to a computer in the classroom.

While many users like to learn by poking around the site, as educators ourselves we understand that some learners prefer to read the instructions first! Take a peek at our Getting Started Guide to see step by step details on using the Learning Center and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s more, our dedicated experts are here to help if you need any support. Just contact us online and select “I’d like to learn more about your programs” from the drop down. They’re on standby to help 9-5 Eastern Standard Time during the work week.

How to Get Started with the Learning Center

Register for free for the Sandy Hook Promise Learning Center. There you’ll find the full online curriculum. Still have questions? Our dedicated programs staff are also available to support you and to answer any questions. Contact us for more information.