Club Activities

SAVE Promise Club Members Are Tomorrow's Leaders!

Get started today on boosting social-emotional learning skills and reinforce the 4 E’s: Engage, Educate, Empower, and Encourage.

Our educational experts have created tools that provide practical, and fun, activities to cultivate youth leadership and grow your club.

One way you can help boost kindness this holiday season, is to join Sandy Hook Promise’s 14 Days of Action. Clubs will be spreading hope and compassion, Dec. 1-14. These actions honor the memories of loves ones lost on 12/14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Empowering Youth

Empower: Our first “E” is for Empower!

  • Deliver an elevator speech using this guide.
  • Host a poetry slam inspired by Start With Hello and Say Something themes. Download this activity guide.
  • Create an action plan to solve a school culture issue and empower changemakers. Learn how
  • Hurdles can arise when being leaders of change. You can use this focus group protocol if challenges arise.
  • Be social change agents by learning to write stories and Letters-to-the-Editor using this guide.
  • Empower and equip students with the Say Something message all year with these 10 best practice activities.

Educating Students

Educate: Our second “E” is for Educate!

Engaging Community

Engage: Our third “E” is for Engage

Encouraging Hope

Encourage: Our fourth “E” is for Encourage

Bonus "Es" Elevate and Join Events!

Once you’ve done your activities, consider adding a bonus “E” and elevate! Lift up your club with these helpful promotional and social tools.

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